Most Illogical Pro-Choice Sign ever! Have you ever seen this?

I found this highly illogical—if not highly desperate of pro-choicers.

(I will try as much as possible to describe what was said in the sign without using a word that might get me banned here. Even putting initials in here may not “be enough,” so to speak, so I will try to be delicate. Ultimately, hopefully, the following will suffice. )

Saw this online at video of a pro-life/“pro-choice” rally-----pro-abortion woman holding up this sign:

(The initial for the “word” starts with a “B.” It is an euphemism for oral sex. Almost everyone here will know what I am talking about).:rolleyes: :o


“If Abortion is murder, then a ‘euphemism’ is cannibalism.”

Excuse me, but :confused::confused::confused:

So how is THAT cannibalism? LOL.

I guess the pro-abortion/pro-choice side has become so desperate they resort to things that do not stand up to scrutiny. It is actually hopeful, in a way, since if that is the best they can come up with, God’s truth can more easily come through for them. :yup:

God help us. :signofcross:

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I don’t understand what that means

Well, I do. And the comparison makes absolutely no sense. :rolleyes:

Agree. It totally makes no sense! But then again, those in that camp usually don’t.

One of the certain signs of the decay of a culture is the descent into coarseness and vulgarity. :frowning: Pray for these misguided souls.

It certainly highlights the intellectual bankruptcy of those who think abortion is acceptable. To say that sperm is identical to a fetus is, uh, un-scientific, to say the least.

Don’t the people holding these kinds of signs know that the vulgarity just makes their opponents look better?

Unfortunately we live in a vulgar culture so some people might appreciate a sign like that.

Don’t worry yourself over stupid protest signs or slogans. Beyond some level of absurdity, the question becomes “Why ask why?” :shrug:

Well said, how disgusting. Prayers said for these misguided souls.


They’re so degenerate, they’d neither know nor care. They’re not far from being brain dead.
As for their spiritual state…it’s pretty obvious. Insanity can be a sign of demonic influence.

eg Madonna and co?


If what’s left of their darkened intellects shrinks further, they’ll have to be locked up for their own good. Kept in a psychiatric institution at taxpayers’ expense.:shrug:

If someone ever brings that argument up with you in person, you could easily point out that there is one huge difference between a fertilized egg and sperm: An egg has a complete set of DNA unique from the mother and father while a sperm cell only has 1/2 a set of DNA which is completely idetendical to part of the man’s genome. That’s the difference between a separate human being and a reproductive cell.

It’s a bad argument, but I do understand it. I’ll lay it out as briefly as I can: Oral sex may look like eating but it’s not (ugh, gross). Abortion may look like murder but it’s not. It’s a horrific argument, yes, and very easily the comparison can be shown to be absurd. But can I think of people who would see a sign like that, laugh, and think they’ve somehow scored a point? You bet.

And I’m not sure about the vulgarity argument. With many people, vulgarity is a sign of being “real” and “authentic” and rejecting a sign on the basis of the vulgarity alone would be a sign that pro-lifers are all a bunch of fuddy duddies anyway who can’t handle “real life.”

If I ran into such a sign in real life, I like to think I’d be brave enough to ask them to explain to me very specifically what the sign meant and point out the error in their thinking. They may not be open to that, but you never know, it could bear some fruit.

Reminds me of the other one…“if abortion is murder, then wearing a condom while having sex is kidnapping”


God bless your innocence. :smiley:

Yeah…this sign makes no sense, along with all the other pro-abortion rhetoric and slogans. No surprise there.

What do you expect but crude slogans from people who are doing the work of Satan.


There doesn’t seem to be any part of the truth they’re willing to face concerning abortion, and I would guess that it’s mostly out of fear. They won’t even begin to acknowledge the terrible psychological and emotional harm abortion does just to the mother - let alone the innocent one in her womb.

Our Supreme Court judges up here north of the 49th have very much the same mentality as the person holding up that sign . . . they just have a more insidious and polished way of going about their death-dealing ; depending and insisting on venomous verbiage such as “women’s reproductive health” - :dts:and its ilk.

I agree with pretty well everything posted to date. This thread is a good reminder : Sharing Used2beSherryG’s sentiments - I’m inclined to follow RomanoAmerio’s lead to

" . . . :frowning: Pray for these misguided souls."

We need to pray for them . . . because trying to reason with them , is very much like trying to reason with this :

Not praying for them reminds me of turning off a light switch, closing the door, and just leaving them there in the dark. .:shrug:

My sister in law posted that meme on facebook a few weeks ago and the few who liked it, reeeeally liked it. As I understand it, they believe that there is no relevant difference between killing an embryo/fetus and a sperm, both are considered human life. Therefore, if we insist that killing an embryo is murder, than it follows (based on their ignorance) that swallowing semen is equal to cannibalism.

It never ceases to amaze me how proud they are to show that meme, as though it were some sort of knock out argument against the pro-life view. The good news is I think this illustrates their ignorance more effectively than any pro-lifer could.

You just illustrated what I just realized. They really think that the idea that “abortion is murder” is so illogical that another illogical idea will illustrate it.

Like I said before, it that’s the most they can up with, we’re on a great path to finally winning the argument. I think I can see the finish line, folks. God save and protect us. :thumbsup:

Thank you for posting. You just made my day. :slight_smile:

If you choose to believe that’s the best example of pro choice arguments, then the finish line is far away. There are faulty arguments on both sides.

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