Most people in England are still Christian, says new study

Christianity is far from extinct in Britain and nearly six out of ten people still say they are Christian, according to a new report.
Most people like the Christians they know. Even those who say they are not Christian are open to finding out more about the faith.
The survey of 3,000 people was carried out by ComRes and Barna Group on behalf of a coalition of church groups made up of the Church of England, the Evangelical Alliance and HOPE. The study, carried out mainly in England, is particularly significant in light of the changing face of faith in Britain because, unusually, researchers will track the data over the next 30 years.

Glad to hear something positive for once. I think there is an opportunity to reach those who are disillusioned by the militant secularization of Britain, and concerned about the rapid Islamization of Britain and Europe. The Church of England, given their historical place as “The Church of England” could do well to capitalize on that. I pray that the CoE gets their act together and stops their slide into liberalism and irrelevance. You can’t be a counter cultural rock if you are not counter cultural.

Nothing really surprising here - these figures tie in with the most recent census. When my relatives from Italy visit me here, they are always pleased to find packed churches at almost every mass - and with lots of young people and family too. A sad contract to many churches in Italy where only elderly ladies in black seem to attend mass.

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