Most priests know far more about marriage than most married people do


It’s disembodied virtue if the person (like yourself, for example) won’t talk in any sort of detail how the virtue is supposed to be manifested.

You did very well with your Korean example for enterprise, but I’m afraid that on the whole, you’ve mostly just named a bunch of virtues without explaining how they are supposed to be realized in daily marital life (your big wall o’virtues was particularly egregious). I feel that if you spoke in detail, you’d realize that virtue is going to look very different in the celibate cleric than it will in the marital/familial home.


The chastity of a married man and a priest is actually more alike than you think.

A married man has to ignore all women for sexual gratification BUT ONE.

Only one more than the priest. Out of 4 billion or so women.


Part of the married man’s chastity is not looking at his wife primarily as a source of “sexual gratification.”


I give classes on these virtues and other matters to Catholic men.

I can go into as much detail in the others as I did with enterprise.

But that’s not what this thread is about so the listing works for its purpose here.


Exactly, and so that makes him and the priest’s chastity EVEN more similar.


I made a post defending Roman Catholic practice and that’s the sentence you seize on?

Bruh, you gotta find something better to do with yourself than parse through my posts for your trolling fodder.


But marital chastity also involves being appropriately sexual with one’s spouse. It’s not really the same thing at all.


:rofl:, bruh! …:star_struck:


True, but the virtue of chastity is the same…proper use of one’s sexual function in accord with one’s vocation.

Both involve the exercise of other virtues…temperance, sacrifice, generosity, self-gift.


You can apologize to me for your continued misrepresentation of my words.

I am clearly defending your own communion here, and you can’t help but lob your insipid attacks. I don’t understand why you’ve made your mission here to personally attack me, and I don’t much care. Whatever hurt you have that causes you to attack Lutherans must be deeply personal and I pray God grants you healing. In the meantime, please stop breaking the 8th Commandment against me.


Okay, you think marriage is not one of them. I want to know where one can find fault in the Roman Catholic Church; please, enlighten all of us.


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As should a priest not look at any woman primarily as a source of sexual gratification.

We back on track now? :hugs::hugs:


I really like this reply. Reminds me of what I told my sister in law. If I want to know how to end a marriage and get a divorce I’ll ask you. I’ll ask the successful marriage people on how to have a successful marriage.


Where have I attacked you? Seriously, I have merely asked you simple questions…


A thought: IF priests have special insight into marriage, it’s only into Catholic marriage. On the other hand, married people often interact with other married people from all sorts of religious backgrounds, which could give them a more holistic view of the human institution of marriage.

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