Most priests know far more about marriage than most married people do


The priests I know well are too humble and wise to say this. But you can hear it in their help during spiritual direction and in confession… gently penetrating and nudging questions and suggestions. They KNOW far more than me and I’ve been very happily marrried for well more than 30 years. They know.


Nah, realistic. Plus, more suitable in front of the kids.

Bear in mind that you’re scandalizing the ladies who are getting “routine kisses” from their husbands or none at all.


Some do, some don’t.

There are a lot of very so so confessors out there.

But it still works–just like those “routine kisses.”


So it is conjecture.


Sometimes there just isn’t time.


When every moment is a trysting place with God there are no “routine moments” to provide “constrast”, our life instead becomes more joyful and lively, and He can the “infect” others with His ‘bonus odor’ in the words of St Paul (or was it St Peter?).


There’s always time to love a bit more.

We ask God for help.


You’re asking me to blindly trust everything you say. Ain’t happening.


Another ridiculous and frankly irrational assertion.

Said no such thing.

As Pope Benedict reminded us…we must use our reason to the fullest extent possible…to know the truth, coupled with using our faith to the fullest extent possible.

So use your reasoning capability.

Do people learn from what others tell them?
Do people gain an aggregate sense of things by listening to what many people tell them?
Do people learn from reading and discussion groups?
Do people learn from mentors?
Do people learn from “reasoning over” all of these varied sources, across many years?
Do people learn by reflecting on what divine revelation (given to them by the Church) says about human nature?
Do people learn in prayer? Does God give them insight and inspiration in prayer about various matters?

Now…do priests know more about the dynamics of marriage (compared to a mere married couple) if their job feeds them these sources of information every day for years, on the most intimate matters of marriage even?

Use reason and stop the internet jousting.


I can see jousting is your interest. I’m out.


This does seem to be unreasonably important to you, Edward.


It may seem unreasonable to people who have a low appreciation for the importance of marriage and for the trust we should have in priests to help us with our marriages.

But thanks for the opinion.


My pastor is so busy he just accepts what he’s told, gives a penance, and that is that. My friends tell me the same. It isn’t that he doesn’t care; he does. He’s just far too busy. Most of the priests I know are.


–The kissing advice just isn’t practical for parents of multiple small children. Sweet, but not practical, and it will make a lot of women think that their husbands are inadequate or couples feel that there’s something wrong with their marriage if it isn’t 24/7 Gone With the Wind kisses.
–Other priests are happy to delegate to and learn from the laity.
–The clergy don’t have to do everything for us.
–As other people have noted, you have been very aggressive with other posters, and you’re not very good at accepting information from other people, even when it’s material they clearly understand better than you do (like breastfeeding).


And when there are 5+ people out there in line behind you, are you really going to do the War and Peace version of the last fight you had with your spouse or teenager when the details aren’t that important? “I lost my temper” covers it just fine.


you need some help in understanding what I mean.
I’m happy to give you some ideas.

No routine kisses could mean a million things.
winking on the way in…winking on the way out.
nibbling on the lower lip for a microsecond.
over puckering on the way in.
teasing her hair just a bit in the middle.
purring or meowing after finishing the quick kiss.

A lively heart and a desire ot please God and one’s spouse is what leads to endless creativity.

Each of these extra acts only takes a nanosecond to do, and it leads to a spirit of romanticism that lasts hours.


My response was directly to tech guy. bye


Why are you so up-in-arms over this?


Again, Edward. This is a discussion board. They are casual places.


Then perhaps they should teach more about it ; )

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