Most priests know far more about marriage than most married people do


I think most of us find that our spouse and teenagers do a pretty good job of helping us with pointing out areas in need of improvement.


Geez, dude. Can you not get so defensive and passive aggressive? Starting a thread is an implicit invitation to discussion. You can’t get all wound up when people actually start, you know, discussing your ideas.


Not so. Good to get an objective view, especially from one seasoned in the areas that I mentioned.

The nature of sin, the obstacles to growing in virtue, substantial topics. They’re not going to be broached by family members. Better to come from someone with a bit of detachment. A priest can also help us understand what’s involved in our married vocation: total and daily self gift, like Jesus.

I don’t think an 8 year old understands very well what’s involved in fully living out one’s vocation to God in marriage.

They may give little signals, spurred on by the Holy Spirit, but if one is already clouded in various venial or mortal sins, it may take a more seasoned and clear mix of help from a good priest, before damage is done to one’s marriage or parenthood.

Little things early, especially help in building a lively interior life with God.

I doubt an 8 year old will mention these things.


Xantippe was talking about teenagers. Eight-year olds are not teenagers.


Or it could be a sign that the person is actually doing pretty well and is happy with his life and relationships…


And we’re really really bad judges of how we’re doing, so influenced we are by the effects of original sin. We see what we want to see; we hear what we want to hear; we remember what we want to remember; we work on what we want to work on.

A good priest will help us see matters more closely to how God sees our behavior, and less how we want to see our behavior.

A pilot without an ATC is a dangerous pilot.


I didn’t mention 8-year-olds. I said spouse and teenagers.

At around 12/13, kids eyes open (much like Eve in the garden) and they start seeing deficiencies in their parents. They’re not always fair, but they don’t miss much.


Same thing with a 13 year old. Crazy sub-thread.


Not at all.

There’s a great deal of overlap between things that my older kids point out to me and what I wind up confessing.


a 14 year old doesn’t have the wisdom, training, knowledge, insight, and necessary detachment, or courage as a good priest.

Preposterous assertion.


Heh, my wife is quite good at letting me know how I’m doing.


Yeah, there’s a reason they call them “home truths.”


That someone thinks a teenager is as good at helping with substantial matters of the soul as a seasoned priest is a warning sign of how sad and threadbare the formation of Catholics has fallen to.

I will read all future posts of yours in this red light.


The priest is a priest.

But the teenager and the husband live with me, see me at all hours of day and night, have live lived with me and known me for years, and they don’t have to rely on just my description of my actions (as the priest does). They can see what I’m doing.


Like I said.


Absolutely not!!! The Church is a living organism, not a mere organization! The Church is the Bride of Christ, made up of flesh and blood, not an ‘abstraction’! The Church is a ‘SPOUSE’, a more intimate spouse than that of a married couple.


I do not agree. More intimate than a spouse? How so?


“If any one comes to me without hating his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple." - Luke 14:26

This hyperbolic statement illustrates the demands of placing the primacy of loving Christ more than our spouses; to have a more intimate and radical, nuptial relationship with Him, more than our ‘wife’.

I think more than one person on this thread is exclusively reducing intimacy to that of conjugal relations, which is a mockery of what intimacy is all about. The most intimate relationship ever had on Earth was between Our Blessed Mother and Our Blessed Lord.


That is why marriage is a sacrament.


In Eucharist you are uniting with the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ, perfect man and perfect God, creator of yourself and the entire universe.

Moreover you are uniting with all His virtues and all His merits.

Compared to conjugal union…

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