Most reproduced image in the world

What artwork has been copied more times than any other? It is modern. Remember, it could be anywhere, on any everyday object to qualify as a reproduction. E.g., all the posters, t-shirts, &c of Che Guevara would count, but that’s not the winner.

Accoding to the Telegraph, it is this image of Queen Elizabeth 2 which has appeared on 320 billion stamps:

My question; is that US billions (a thousand millions) or UK billions (a million millions = US trillion)?

That particular image might top the list. But her image over all would have to be about the most used image in history. there have been over 25 200 000 000 coins with her image on them. And that’s not to mention stamps, notes etc. Plus you have the u.k and new Zealand. I find it hard to imagine anyone/anything over taking her.

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