Most romantic thing done by you or spouse


My hubby just left for Afghanistan this morning and I was sitting here thinking how wonderful he is and missing him horribly. Anyway, I remember something that he did when we lived in California that struck me as an incredibly romantic gesture. I thought that it would be nice to share it with you all and read your most romantic gestures to or from your spouse.

We woke up during an earthquake and despite coming out of a deep sleep, he immediately placed his body over mine. He wanted to make certain that if anything fell down or if the roof collapsed that I would be all right. Later I told him that he never had to buy me any expensive presents, he had just trumped all the romantic gestures that he could ever perform. After all, he was willing to sacrifice maybe his own life-if the roof collapsed-for mine.:thumbsup:

What a great hubby I have.


Thank him for serving… thank you for sharing… both of you will be in prayers… and May God wrap His arms around your spouse and return him safely to you.


Thank you so much!


It was our 28th wedding anniversary.

We were wallpapering the kitchen together. We always do our home improvements as a team. We had the fridge pulled out of its niche, the table was in the middle of the floor, and we each grabbed a chair to sit down to lunch: scraps out of the refrigerator – cottage cheese in the container, pickles in the jar . . .

We were wearing the same pants and shirts that we had worn for every project we ever did throughout the 28 years of our marriage. DH looked at me and looked around the room and at our worn, paint-splotched clothes and said: This is where I want to be. This is what I want to be doing. You are the one I want to be doing it with!


Ahh…That is so wonderful.

When I was young I thought that romance was an expensive dinner, wine and a present. Now, I’m not saying those things aren’t occasionally nice. But real romance is exactly what you describe, those moments when you feel cherished by your spouse.

The irony is that the type of stereotypical romantic evening and gestures such as flowers or candy are very easy to create and can be shared by people who have no deep sentiment beyond lust for one another.

The moment that you just described can only occur between two people who value and love one another and they really can’t be planned.


[SIGN]Amen and Amen![/SIGN]


wearing the same pants and shirts
now that sounds very… romantic

throughout the 28 years
now that sounds very… unique… the size of my clothes has … well … changed… over 28 years.:slight_smile:



As part of the extended military community (active reservist and contractor.) be assured of my prayers every day at Mass on the base. Prayers of the faithful always include those in the armed services, “especially those who are forward deployed”.
Our thanks to you and your husband for your sacrifices.


These stories sound great but I hope you don’t mind me slightly changing the subject. I have read many posters here at Catholic forums and I see the acronym DH used and I am not exactly sure what it stands for? Designated Husband? Darn Husband?:stuck_out_tongue:


I have always assumed that it meant Dear Husband.


Well, we still get into them! Both of us have been fairly stable weight-wise. I’m to cheap to buy new clothes on account of bulging. It’s cheaper to watch the scale!


close, keep trying


hi deb,

first, thank your husband for defending our freedom and for being very brave. DH joined the Navy right out of high school and was on a submarine for 6 yrs. This was way before we met. I have a greater appreciation now for our men and women over there.

DH will cook dinner for me when I am not feeling well and even make sure I have Gatoraid on hand. I like to leave notes in his work shoes esp. when there is a plant shut down and he has to work 14 days straight. I let him know how much I appreciate all that he has done for me.

May God watch over you and your husband. May he come home safe. Blessings to you. Lisa

  1. When we were dating, I had to sell my bass guitar to pay rent. That year for Christmas, he tracked that bass down and bought it back for me.

  2. 10 years ago, I had hip surgery and was forced to not lean forward past 40 degrees for a long time. He shaved my legs for me. That made me feel so womanly again.


Dear Husband??:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


you are very lucky!!!


Good. Someone else is in the dark about the acronyms, too. :slight_smile: I kept wondering myself. :slight_smile:


Wow he shaved your legs? That is LOVE!!!


When planning our infant daughter’s graveside service, we overlooked designating a paulbearer(SP?) We both knew it would be the hardest job we would ever ask anyone to do. I had decided I would carry her. I had carried her in my womb and I would be honored to carry her to her grave, although I really didn’t know if I could do it. My husband decided that he couldn’t let me do that. He never got the priveledge of holding her alive and that he would do the honor of carrying her to her grave. I have never loved a man more than I did the day he carried our daughter to her grave.

On the lighter side, we have run into a money shortage lately. Things are tight but not impossible. I had fifty dollars that I had been saving for months. I wanted to buy something for myself. Have buried two children this year. I am over weight and had hoped to just buy something to incourage me to loose wheight. My husband wanted me to keep the money for myself so he was willing to sell one of his favorite guns. Doesn’t sound like much, yet he is a police officer and doesn’t really have a bragging gun. Silly, but I know he loves me… At least more than his bragging gun.


we are not married yet(4 more months), but once, my fiance was dropping me off at my dorm, and i was sick and crying, sneezed and had snot all over my face, so i turned away because i was embaressed, and he pulled me back to him and kissed me anyway. that total acceptance and love, it was the sweetest thing .

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