Mother Angelica and Cardinal Mahoney

This was mentioned on another thread and I was curious about it.

I have heard that a number of years ago, there was some type of public disagreement between Cardinal Roger Mahoney, Archbishop of the diocese of Los Angeles, and Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN, the Catholic television and radio stations.

Does anyone know the details?

It’s rather well documented in her unauthorized biography. Raymond…, well lets say he’s very funny. I love that guy.

It was mostly over the ownership and administration of the network. I’ll give it a listen( I have the book on CD) and talk about it more, unless someone else beats me to it.

Oh I also think there might have been a doctrinal issue with the Cardinals teachings that was later settled with the Vatican, but again, I’ll have to check.

Saint Catherine Review
Mother Angelica: Healed & Reviled
from the March-April 1998 issue

Wow! Thank you.

I want to say Bob Sungenis wrote extensively about this that Cardinal Mahoney and some other Cardinals competed against Mother Angelica for Catholic cable airtime. I also think there was something to do with competing for ownership of the Shrine in Hanceville, AL.

Was there ever anything revealed about her healing? (This all took place before I came back to the Church or before I started watching EWTN so I don’t know the history.)

Nevermind - i should have searched first then posted.

If anyone else was curious:
Meanwhile, an Italian mystic has identified herself as the “blessed woman” with whom Angelica was praying Jan. 28 (NCR, Feb. 13) when the Poor Clare nun says she was healed of leg and back pain. Paola Albertini, who purports to have received revelations from Mary and to possess healing powers, told the newspaper of the New York archdiocese on Feb. 5 that it was she who had visited Angelica.


Cardinal Mahony should be thankful he’s still a Cardinal. He’s the most dirty underhanded
bum in the church. This corrupt Cardinal sold church properties that our families struggle to build to keep himself out of jail. He’s truly the phoney Mahony. Most priest in Los Angeles depise him.

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