Mother Angelica by Raymond Arroyo

I just finished the book. I know I should have read it a couple years ago. I was very pleased at the honesty. I am more in love with Mother Angelica but, was also more aware of the fighting spirit she has. I thought the book was well balanced. My question is....has anyone read any of the other books he followed up with?

No, I haven't read any of his books, but I certainly would like to find time to do so.

I'm fortunate enough to work about 10 minutes from EWTN and that's where I usually go to Confession (they offer it every day at 11am) and to daily Mass when I can find time.

Is the story about her rift with Cardinal Mahoney in the book? I recall a story about that, where the "good" Cardinal made some sort of erroneous statement with regard to the Church's doctrine and she called him out on it in public (his statement was public, too). Well, there was a meeting of cardinals and bishops of this country and one of them said something to the effect, "We need to get rid of Mother Angelica! She can't go around correcting cardinals and bishops!" Another bishop rose and said, "You're right. She can't go around correcting cardinals and bishops. We need to get rid of her. But, I have a list of 157 bishops and cardinals here who disobey the Pope in discipline and doctrine all the time. We need to get rid of these guys first." There was a dead silence and the whole matter was dropped like a hot potato. LOL

Yes, that is in the book. He tried to get the Cardinal to make a statement for the book but, he replied that's ancient news. Also the tiff she had with Bishop Foley about how the Mass was to be celebrated.

Lovely book, and not quite hagiography either. She comes off as a very human person with plenty of flaws and ego herself, but still with a faith that consistently overcomes her own shortcomings.

Wasn't there a famous saint somewhere who claimed that the streets of hell were paved with the skulls of bishops??? I guess the trick is to avoid concluding that the one you are dealing with is one of them!

The book is BRUTAL on Cardinal Mahoney, perhaps because he refused to tell his side. Bishop Foley is treated fairly even-handedly and he and Mother both come off looking a little humanly sinful in that tiff.

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