Mother Angelica cracks me up (in a good way)

im sitting here watching ewtn’s “religious catalogue” and Mother Angelica hosts that show. she cracks me up. shes so blunt about things. and when she says something…she makes this face like “duh isnt it obvious” and she raises her eyebrows and makes that snapping noise with her her mouth kind of in the way you would when you are debating someone and sarcastically make your point :shrug:

ill give a clearer example:

protestant preaching on tv: (picture a man standing on stage in a spiffy suit with a rock bad behind him or some guy on the keyboard making it go boop boop boop bop everytime the preacher says something with a 1800 number constantly flashing on the screen so you can order his new self help book) “now i ASK YOU WHAT DOES THAT MEAN…WHAT…DOES…THAT…MEAN…you know Jesus is the way…and in my new book I WILL TELL YOU WHAT THAT MEANS…the scriptures are mysterious behind every whimsical twist and turn YOU WILL FIND what the answer is…THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE…HAVE FAITH…just faith…faith…but WHAT IS FAITH? in my new book i talk about HOW FAITH…NOT love…NOT doing good things…BUT FAITH ALONE my friends…faith is what saves”

Mother Angelica on tv (picture her sitting there all nonchalantly, like nothing is going on) "well…faith is what gives you grace. if you dont use grace towards others how much faith do you have? St. Francis once said “preach the gospel always, and when necessary use words :shrug: makes sense to me :shrug:”

i love watching her

Painting with a broad brush puts a lot of color where you don’t want it.

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