Mother Angelica EWTN


I hope EWTN runs her shows forever

she made that network

they should never forget her


She’s unlikely to be forgotten. No doubt they will work hard to get her canonized.
If they succeed in getting her on the path to sainthood, she will be even more remembered.


Mother Angelica was more of a TV personality to me.
When EWTN first hit the airwaves - there were some great Priest - who had shows.
Today, I still check in - to see what’s up - but it’s not like it was.
I even wore a EWTN shirt, back in the day,
as I was helping build a Protestant church, parking lot ! - lol -
They looked at me - 'what’s that mean, bro " -

By the way, the Protestant preacher and wife -
they became millionaires after 15 years there -
then sold their ‘church’ for $600,000 - to some business group - etc -


I still watch her shows to this day. Hopefully we will one day know her as “St Mary Angelica of the Annunciation ” or something along those lines.


I watched Mother Angelica way before EWTN came into being. I remember praying to God for a Catholic TV network. I wanted “all Catholic all the time.” (Didn’t want much, did I?) Little did I know He would use my fav Nun as the answer to that fervent prayer.

Yes, I still watch her shows. Yes, I’d love it if she becomes a canonized Saint. She is already a Saint, imo.


Mother Angelica was my first expose to Catholicism back when I was about 15. Now I am a convert with a convert wife and raising our first two cradle Catholics. I can only say that God directly used in in my life to bring me to His Church. I was watched just about everything I can find of her and also loved her “Answers, not Promises” book.

Last year I got to visit the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Henceville Alabama and see her resting place. I was very happy to get to do so and thank her personally but wish I had the opportunity to met her in person. However I hope to see her and heaven and give her a big thank you hug one day.

The cause of canonization cannot be opened yet since her death is still to recent but Pope Francis did remark that she was “in heaven”. Personally I don’t doubt she is a saint already and hope that she will be canonized one day.


Oh, yeah, because I should trust the word of a $1.02 book on Amazon over the word of the countless cardinals, archbishops, and bishops who have been on EWTN and endorsed its work.


I am going to take a leap and guess you are not Catholic. That’s ok though, I wasn’t Catholic when I started watching EWTN. But it sure helped me to become one! Have you ever done your own research into EWTN? Have you ever watched any of their shows?


No, there are also some rad-trads who dislike EWTN.


Please show me one instance in which EWTN has contradicted the Catechism, which, IMO, they quote almost too much on many of their programs


Links or it never happened



No one is forcing you to watch EWTN. Turn it off and move on with your life.


I’m not gonna make a purchase on Amazon for a debate on the Internet.

Can you show me one, focused, specific example?


She was so wonderful to watch. Gentle and sweet to the troubled, but wasn’t afraid to give someone a telling off if they needed it. And so FUNNY.


Pope Francis appears to agree with you

I don’t doubt it either, especially in view of the circumstances of her death occurring over Easter weekend.
I’m a little surprised they seem to be doing the five-year waiting period to make her a Servant of God.
But then again, EWTN would want to use the traditional path, and not be perceived as getting special treatment or cutting corners.
Meanwhile, they support the cause for Rhoda Wise, who was Mother Angelica’s friend and mentor.


Just the look she gets on her face sometimes when she is skeptical about something or making a humorous point is enough to make me laugh.
She is just so obviously an Italian Catholic lady from Northeast Ohio. I grew up around many of them and they are all blunt, direct and funny like that.


OK, let’s assume you’re the big time author you claim you are.
And by Googling, I have a good guess as to which author you are claiming to be.
Why are you not using your alleged superior knowledge to post on the forum answering people’s legitimate questions about Catholicism, rather than to brag about yourself and undermine another poster’s faith?

That’s not very Christlike of you, and not very respectful.
And it wouldn’t encourage me to want to buy any of your books, and I would also warn other people away from buying them, because you are being rude and showing a lot of pride.


Em, the book you’ve referenced doesn’t disparage Mother Angelica. It disparages those around her. ??


Wow, why are you so threatened by EWTN?

And in reference to a later point, even if EWTN were “run by Charismatics” what is wrong with that?

I have a hard time believing you are what you say you are.


Your constant posting on this topic appears to be agenda posting, which is against the rules of the TOS. I have flagged several of your posts.
Have a nice day.

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