Mother Angelica HOT

I was watching a 2001 Mother Angelica Live Episode replay today on EWTN, and it is commendable for at least three things:

  1. Scott Hahn was there for an interview with Mother Angelica and Raymond Arroyo about his book “Hail Holy Queen”, and it is interesting to hear him comment on the book. He has a good Pope story in this episode.

  2. At the end of the program, Raymond Arroyo AGAIN (for what I think is at least the second time he’s said this) said that he’s the “Vanna White” of EWTN. That typifies why I don’t care for him or any of his programs.

  3. Mother unleashes some anger towards her critics. She refers to an unnamed CEO who asked why such-and-such (again unnamed) Catholics are not on the network. She replies that as far as she is concerned, they are NOT Catholics. She explains that “she owns” the network and she would rather “blow it up” before anything like that happened.

If anyone is interested, in this episode, they can buy the program on DVD from EWTN, refer to program MAD 146 or on VHS, I think it’s MAV 146.

I was really surfing in and out of the classic episode of Mother Angelice Live program, and I can’t say for sure what preceded Mother’s outburst. She had been discussing the Blessed Virgin Mary for the better part of 50 minutes, and then switched to some chat and the usual appeal for money.

Well, we saw Mother do a few other things that you usually don’t see on secular TV either. But, actually, I sympathize with Mother Angelica, because a lot of priests and nuns around my diocese are and have been taking positions against those of the church. And, that is exactly what I have said, that this is not a Catholic diocese any more.

It makes me think yet again, about how much diversity of opinion can we really have in the Church?

How many times did even St. Paul admonish believers to return to the “basics” (my word) of what they had been taught, and he warned against specific and general things that they shouldn’t pay attention to.

And, we know, for example, that the Gnostic believers were all over the place, and that there were many interpretations of the gospel in the early days, and many heresies present.

I cannot imagine why people do this? They KNOW what the Church teaches and why, and still they oppose it.

I saw the episode last night and thought it was great!!! She told a couple of business men off who wanted her to interview someone who evidently didn’t fit in with catholic beliefs. She said no, they said why, she said because I own the station, they said if we owned the station we would do the interview, and she said she’d blow it up before she would let them own the station! YOU GO GIRL!!!
The banter between her and Raymond was priceless. You could tell they pick on each other all the time. Witty reportuas(sp?) Anyway, it made me wish that I had seen her before the stroke. She was a real fireball! No wonder that little nun got EWTN and the church in Hanceville built. She stuck to her guns and did what she promised God that she would do.
I often thought Raymond might be making fun of her during his interviews for the new book when he would use the feminine voice to say what she would have said. But now I know that they had a great friendship. As for the Vanna White thing…he’s always handing her things that she promotes on the old shows…but mother didn’t know who he was refering to. Guess she was too busy with God’s work to watch tv! :smiley:


OH! Hot as in angry. Now I get it. Wow, that was weird.

One of the most frequent objections to the Catholic Church is that women are relegated to menial positions and stripped of any power to accomplish anything except have babies and say Rosaries.

Poor Mother Angelica. What a wasted life.


father rochell is good too. I never saw him until I watched with my mother-in-law. He is a real holy priest. I admire and respect him. He says we have to take Catholic Action against anti-Catholicism. He also mentioned about there is disappointing things in the Catholic church…that might have been another episode…well anyway, he was talking about how paganistic the Mass are becoming…Real holy priest… straightforward …tel l you like it is…

If anyone wants to listen to this episode (i cant wait to start :D)

it is at

april 25th 2001 episode

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