Mother Angelica poll

How many of you were lapsed Catholics (or are still lapsed - like me) and love Mother Angelica?

God Bless Her!

um, who is Mother Angelica? Sorry Ignorance:blush:

Mother Angelica Started EWTN


Since I came back to the Church before I heard of Mother Angelica and EWTN there is no option for me to vote.
But I do Love Mother Angelica.


Someday, I believe she’ll be made a saint. I think her work in communications are far reaching and an immense boon to the Church.

I love the shows on EWTN, not all of them but I can usually find something during the day that is educational and inspirational. I especially enjoy “The Journey Home” and “The World Over”.

I left the church, came back, I am not sure how much mother had to do with this because I listened to her more after I came back than before. I listen to her more than I watch her because I download the podcast of her shows to listen in the car on my way to work. Sure beats some of the silliness on the radio!

I voted “brought me back” because my mom wrote her a letter about me (her lapsed Catholic daughter) and Mother answered my mom saying I would go back to the Church. And without my knowing about this, I had an urge to go to Mass and that is how I went back. I love Mother Angelica and thank my mom for doing this for me. My little momma now is almost at the end stage of alzheimer’s and used to prayer three rosaries a day, and sadly now, she doesn’t know anything. Please pray for my mom, Nancy. She is still living with her children and it’s difficult.
Thank you,

Your Mother is in my prayers.
God is very near to her now.


I would like to listen to those too. :thumbsup: Although I like watching mother best-she is so expressive :slight_smile:

Do you have the url?

I am just begining to learn more of the faith. I got confirmed like two years ago and I just began to feel a strong urge to learn more about the faith and she really taught me a lot. She rocks!!! But sadly a lot of people my age wouldn’t even seem to care about what she has to offer to become closer with God.

The same situation applies to me. I think that what she has done in starting up EWTN is miraculous.

It is because of Mother’s work that I am able to find websites like catholic answers - her network opened me up to Dr. Scott Hahn, Fr. John Corapi, Fr. John Trigilio - and through the radio, I learned about Karl Keating. I don’t know where I would be without this network of truly authentic faithful catholics - it is through this network that I have learned the truth about contraception, abortion, confession, moral relativism - I am so grateful for this beacon - EWTN is truly an Eternal Word Network.

Mother Angelica is a Holy Sister & i voted yes, but i must qualify my vote.

She was just one of many devoted Catholics who used the Grace granted them by Jesus Christ like my beautiful wife Francine & my children who stood by me despite my failures, like Fr. McMahon who was there for me in my hour of need, like Fr. Lappe, Greta, the other volunteers who brought the Eucharist to me in prison, like Fr. Corapi & the many others who told their conversion stories, which inspired & strengthened me when i was weak, like St. Augustine who 1500 years ago was brave enough to give everything for the Truth, like his mother St. Monica, who prayed for his conversion for 30 years, like the millions of other Catholics & devoted followers of Jesus who give so much love with no expecatation of being recognized or paid back!!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


yes she does rock! if some people your age just were able to watch her joking and wisecracking and making faces that could get them started


of course mark-what a wonderful post too. thank you for it.

May I second that, please! I see her as one of the coolest people out there! I love her to bits and would give anything for the privilege to give her a big hug. I love the way she shows love yet pulls no punches.

For me Mother Angelica is a continuation of the wonderful work begun by Archbishop Fulton J Sheen.

Oh, if only our teenagers looked up to the likes of her as opposed to people like Lady Gaga!

—and I bet you’d never see those two names in same thread :smiley:

God bless


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