Mother Angelica


Raymond Arroryo came out with another book on Mother…maybe it’s too many, but I’m going to order it. I liked the bio a lot.

Mother Angelica’s Private and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures
by Raymond Arroyo

Last update on Mother Angelica:

Dear EWTN Family,

Since the end of last year, Mother has been enjoying the company of a little feline friend we all call, “Mikey”. He loves being with her and often takes his little siestas on Mother’s bed, with his paw or his chin resting on her. He’s bit on the round side but beautiful nonetheless and enjoys the affection of all. Mother is often amused by his little quirky behaviors that are often described as, “Only Mikey would…” She especially gets a kick out of watching him chase his tail.

Besides all that makes up her day indoors, on occasion, Mother is able to go outside to feel the sunshine and enjoy the beautiful cloister gardens. She loves those cherry Marigolds.

All in all, Mother is still Mother. With that Mother Angelica twinkle in her eyes and her warm smile, she can brighten up a room. As always she is appreciative of all your love and prayers. Rest assured, Mother holds each of you in her heart, while she asks her Spouse, Jesus, to bless you.

                                                 ..From  The Sisters at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery


Thank you for the update on Mother Angelica, debraran; I was just wondering how she is doing. A priest I know made the wise observation about Mother that now is the time that God is making her into His saint, much like St. Bernadette became the Saint in the cloister.


I miss Mother Angelica on tv so much. She told it like it is, no holds barred. I am happy to hear she is doing well, and seems to be at peace. I was worried about her after her stroke. Thank you for update on her–I might check out that book too. I bought Raymond’s first one, and it was excellent.:thumbsup:


Thank you for the update.We are so blessed to have a living saint like Mother Angelica.

BTW…anyone going to EWTN conference in De Kalb IL Oct 4-5??


I took a peek at this new book just the other day at the Shrine…I almost purchased it and I probably will in the future.

And, as mentioned in the previous post, if anyone has a chance to attend the Family Celebration in October, please do…it will be worth every minute of your time. I went to the celebration last year in Birmingham and I really enjoyed it.

God bless.



It’s too far for me, but I wish they would come to the CT/NY area…not the area that they probably think would attract a lot of people, but there is a big thirst here. “Maybe” in the future:)


Still waiting on the book, but loved the new photos.


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