Mother Angelica


I enjoy listening to her… However the deacon at my church doesn’t have anything against her, but he just doesn’t enjoy the way she portrays that “her way of worshipping God is the only correct way.” Does she act like that at all, I personally have not noticed this.

I know our deacon is entitled to his opinion, but I enjoy watching and listening to her.

What’s your opinion on Mother Angelica?


She is a wonderful woman whose life was changed by Jesus. She loves Jesus with all of her heart and soul, and seeks to share that love with everyone. Sure, she has her quirks, and I don’t agree with all of her opinions. But she is a true disciple and servant of our Lord. :thumbsup:


She’'s a hoot! I love her since of humor :stuck_out_tongue:


I love her. She has offended some by her “tell it like it is” style, but as far as I have observed she courageously speaks the truth whether people like it or not.


If you ask the Cardinal of Los Angeles you’d probably get a lower opinion expressed towards
Mother Angelica.

The basic fact is that the clergy and laity are spread across the spectrum of liberal to conservative. Asking anyone, including a priest, about whether you can vote for a democrat, have communion even though divorced and remarried, et al, has to be prismed through the lense of what
side of the cultural divide they stand on.
Answers to these questions frequently do not coincide with Church teachings.

Mother Angelica is on the conservative side of the cultural divide. Cardinal Mahoney is on the liberal side.


Mother Angelica is wonderful! She adheres 100% to the teachings of the Magesterium of the Catholic Church.

Because of her deep orthodoxy, I trust her opinions. And I love her sense of humor! Have you read any of Raymond Arroyo’s books about Mother Angelica? If not… I would highly recommend this one… (link below)

God Bless.


Sigh…this is what I see is the problem with a lot of clergy around the globe. Many become clergy and religious but do not follow the Holy See! Sometimes I think they plan this from teenage years to usurp the Church and try to bring Her to Her knees.

IMHO, there should not be “liberal” or “conservative” Catholics. There should just be “Catholic”! One thought, one mind, one practice to worship one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That would be heaven, and of course, we know we have to work and wait for that. :rolleyes:

Merry Christmas!!



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