Mother Angelica

I had always heard of her but I never started watching her until today. She was such a loving and caring person and I feel so sad that she has passed. She was as smart as a whip and she loved Jesus and wanted to share that love with the world. I know she died Easter Sunday but I really love her show. Did anyone else love watching Mother Angelica? What is your favorite quote by her? Did she change your life in anyway?

I love watching her shows, she always makes me laugh. Every person I showed her to has enjoyed watching her as well. :slight_smile: My favorite quote from her is, “We are all called to be Saints”.

In regards to how she changed my life…
My mother use to put on the rosary that mother angelica would lead very loud every morning while I was getting ready for work. She made sure I could hear it in my room. I was not happy about it at the time. Lol however, I’m fairly confident that was part of what caused my conversion. I didn’t know about her shows until a few years later due to spending the majority of my day at work and night classes.


I stumbled on her videos a year or two ago. In them she was answering most of my long standing questions that no one was able to answer. She became, she is one of my spiritual advisors. I do not have cable TV so I never saw her on ewtn, the network she created but I have watched her on YouTube. Yes, she is wonderful.

EWTN’s rosary program got me back to the Church, and years later, I liked listening to her on the car radio.

Thank you very much for the website link, Clear Water. It is awesome. May God bless you abundantly.

I loved watching her with my mother!

I always liked that she never pretended she was perfect. She had her faults (like her temper) and she talked about it, and how it was a struggle for her to overcome it.

I loved and still love watching Mother Angelica. When I was younger and first married (outside the church) I wrote her a letter after reading her book–Answers, Not Promises… she wrote back to me and just told me the plain truth that I was not living right. After thinking about it, I got on track and had my marriage blessed in the church. She brought me back and I’m so grateful and thankful. She’s my special angel…


I have found many things in EWTN. Has improved my faith greatly.

It is still great to see her shows. I cant say I remember one quote, because she said so much (helped so much),

But one thing that she made clear, we need to help the “channel” so that the “channel” can help us. By giving even if we have “little to offer” we contribute with the all.

Mother Angelica and EWTN is the reason I became Catholic! I saw her on tv years ago (13+ years?) and started watching her because she reminded me of my grandma who had died, they seemed so similar at first, appearance and personality. I have many of her books about her and written by her. One of the first ones I got was Mother Angelica’s Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality. She always makes me laugh and inspires me. I think it’s amazing how she was healed from a stomach disorder when she was younger because of St. Therese! And it happened right before she felt a call to the religious life.

That is amazing to hear :slight_smile: thank you for sharing that

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