Mother Antonia Brenner (nun who lived in and transformed a Mexican prison)

Much media attention is being given now to this remarkable woman, giving her much honor now that she has just died.

Inspiring! What I particularly like is that when the Church said no to her becoming a Nun, she simply rolled up her sleeves and got on with God’s work. She didn’t run to the press or stir up discord, she followed Church teachings and went forth into the battle God wanted her to engage in.

From what I read, she was one really formidable Nun and an example to all of us.

May her soul rest in peace.


I read a biography on her. It really was inspiring. It was called “The Prison Angel” Mother ANtonia’s life of service in a Mexican Jail. The book revealed to me how God’s mercy and forgiveness extends to even the most hardened criminal, and the Catholic who moved far away from their faith to return as the prodigal son. Indeed, she was an might instrument in His hands.

Lord have mercy and let your light shine on this woman. May in your goodness Lord, welcome her into your kingdom, where she, along with the Saints in Heaven, glorify you and continue to be an instrument, as an intercessor for us, the Church Militant.
In Christ’s name we pray.

My sister met her and wrote an article about her (one of her first sales) in the 1970s. I always wondered what happened in her life after that.

May God bless her and keep her.

So refreshing to read this. Thanks for posting.

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