Mother decided to bring up her 3-yr-old son as a girl in Britain's youngest case of a child wanting to change sex


How could a 3 yr old even contemplate doing this.:eek: How would he even know this was the difference between a boy and a girl, or what the difference even was at that young age.

Possibly, he was teased by his elder siblings, but this is not something a 3 yr old would occupy their time with - the difference between boys and girls, and even thinking of mutilating themselves and ‘know’ that is how they could change it.

Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. :confused:

*Seeing their toddler playing with scissors can be a terrifying sight for any parent but for Kerry McFadyen it was a moment that changed everything.

The 32-year-old came across the scene in the bathroom of her home in Strathspey, Scotland, when three-year-old son Daniel said he wanted to cut off his penis so he could be a girl.

It led to his parents making the difficult decision to allow Daniel to become Danni, in what is believed to be the UK’s youngest case of a child wanting to change sex. She said: 'He was in the bath. And somehow he’d managed to find a pair of scissors. When I turned around he was holding them above his bits.

'I tried to be calm and asked him what he was doing, and he told me he was about to cut off his willy so he could be a girl.

'I told him he couldn’t because he’d hurt himself and bleed a lot and I calmly took them from him and gave him a big hug.

‘It was very upsetting to see him like that, no mum should have to see their child so upset in their own skin.’


These stories really concern me. It seems like some parents are allowing hormonal intervention prior to puberty when a child expresses a desire to change to the other gender. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, if the person regrets the change later on then what happens.

The child is getting a poster child treatment, where a lot of attention is focused on his transition to a female identity. Personally I think the decision to make this public compounds the original poor decision to go along with this in the first place. I wonder to what extent he was evaluated for other problems before people decided gender dysphoria was the issue.

Now the child’s picture and story is all over the place. Even if let’s say he changed his mind about identifying as female, it would be hard b/c the family has invested their time and energy to ensure he’s publicly seen as a girl.

I don’t know much about this subject; the article says about 1% of the (UK I think) population has issues with gender identity to some extent. I don’t know what that means though.


The more publicity these instances get, the more the pattern will self-reinforce!


I wanted to be a boy when I was young.
But actually some family members didn’t know what to do with a girl, encouraged some boyish characteristics and there were simply more boys in my neighbourhood to influence me.
It would have been crazy if my parents had taken it seriously enough to turn me into a boy.

The child was 3 and came up with an idea how to become a girl, maybe they let him watch something that put the idea in his head, but it sounds like the mother is the one who actually ran with it.

I know of a very young girl who likes to pretend she’s a cat.
What would this woman do with her?


Yeah, my 4 year old likes to be a dinosaur (usually a T-rex), or a bobcat. Today he spent a lot of time being a gecko. It’s hard to keep up!

I will say that very young children can develop some weird ideas about sex and gender. But it’s developmentally appropriate - they are figuring out categories and what goes with what. Since I’m the only female in our house, my older sons see everything I do as “girl” even if there’s nothing remotely feminine about it. :shrug:



I’m pretty sure, on more than one occasion, I said I hated being a girl when I was little. because I didn’t want to wear dresses or make-up and go to the mall and just be “girly” and rather play outside

did I seriously want to be a boy? of course not, it’s just all the things I enjoyed were somehow associated to be “boy things”

or when playing house in kindergarten, if there were more girls in the game, some of them would be brothers or dads, or even the family pets, or vice versa. now does that suddenly suggest gender disorder?

it’s definitely the adults running with it and not letting kids have the weird ideas that kids get at that age.


Hey, your 4 year old sounds like me! I, too, self-identify as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. When it suits me, at least.:shrug: It’s good to know there’s two of us - we’ve already had one extinction level event; we wouldn’t want to have another. I advise you teach him the word “Jurassophobic” and the phrase “Don’t oppress me!” in case anyone ever challenges him. Also, you might want to reassure him that by the time he turns eighteen there will no doubt be several hundred new varieties of gender and species by which to identify as, and he can finally live as he was always meant to.:slight_smile:


Sounds like this child is either suffering from a mental disorder or saw something inappropriate that made him THINK he needs to be a girl. The right thing to do was not to let this child live as a girl, but get him HELP.

I pretended I was he-man when I was six…should my parents have turned me into a cartoon Conan the barbarian? (Note: I am a girl that loved he man and gi Joe in addition to my little pony 80s series and care bears.)


This is a sickness. This need to be the center of attention. It really runs deep with some people. I mean how would a kid that age get a hold of scissors in the bath. Too weird. Really.


When my sister was 4, she wanted to be a deer when she grew up. She’s an epidemiologist instead :slight_smile:


In the crazy times we are currently living in, it would be perfectly fine to seek out a way for that child to become a dinosaur, and legally, everyone should start referring to him as a dinosaur from here on out, after all, who are we to stomp on his desires! LOL

I cant believe this, its ridiculous we have sunk so low.


I as a little girl would pretend I was Robin Hood and momma made me a purple velvet cape. I was I guess about 3 to maybe 5 when it happend. She knew I was just playing around.I had no desire to be a boy.I still played with paper dolls and regular dolls too.
This whole transgender thing is getting out of hand.Most of the kids in fact the majority of the kids I went to school with weren’t worried about being a boy in a girls body or a girl in a boys body .I really think we didn’t even know such people existed.


Here’s one thing I don’t understand about this: Even if you agreed with this notion about some people being trapped in the body of the wrong gender, wouldn’t you have to wait until puberty until you were sure? I wouldn’t think that gender expression would be complete until sexual maturity.


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