Mother Embraces Daughter's Killer in Court


I couldn’t forgive my child’s killer without the grace of God.

My first thought was: “They’d better lock me up for the safety of all those involved if my cold were shot.”


Amazing story of forgiveness; may she be at peace.


I don’t think it was intentional. He was a stupid 14 year old who had never been taught one of the most important rules of Gun safety. Never point a firearm at anything you aren’t willing to destroy. Hunter safety used to be a required class here, and our schools used to have pistol teams. I think it’s time we go back to that.


This is the right thing to have done and I am sure it took a great deal of faith. These circumstances do reveal a young person who made a terrible mistake and still tried to face up to his error. That speak to his character. This mother’s ability to forgive him speaks to hers.

I certainly feel I could forgive someone who accidentally killed one of my family members. Not saying it would be easy, but I could. However, I am not so sure about someone that did something like this intentionally. That is a whole other load of pain and grief to deal with. Serial killers come to mind, and the fact that a distant cousin was murdered years ago and the offenders got away with it. (Long Story)

In the case of Serial killers I believe in the death penalty. I would simply have to hand the whole thing over to God and try to carry on. I know it would not be a good idea to put in the same room with someone like this.

God bless this woman, her family and this young man. This event is a true tragedy.


Dear atuticorrect, “child” is not “cold.” Thank you.

I understand about weapons safety. The two rules I have for squirt/pop/cap guns are a. Not at people, and/or b. Not in the face. There are no do-overs.

Back to topic:
The example of the mother’s faith and forgiveness touched me. I know i wouldn’t be able to hack it.


Jesus said, “If you do not forgive, neither will my Father (who is in heaven) forgive you.”-Mark 11:26


This is a great story of forgiveness but I’m puzzled as to how some of your are inclined to see this as a ‘stupid’ act or perhaps accident. He’s 14, he took a gun onto the school bus. I’m not saying his punishment should be any greater than it is, but it doesn’t sound like we have the whole story: why does a 14 yr old take a gun to school? :confused:


Probably to impress his friends or, more likely, a girl. Possibly even the girl he killed. He aimed at the ground and pulled the trigger; when it didn’t fire, he aimed at her and pulled the trigger, and that time it did. I think he assumed that it was “safe” since it didn’t fire the first time.


You might be right; perhaps he was just showing off.

I’ll probably get a lot of flak for this, but the something has to be wrong when a child can get his hands on a deadly weapon and no adult gets to take responsibility for that. Yes, he should have been taught gun safety, but the gun owner was the adult charged with keeping that weapon away from irresponsible hands, period.


That’s one strong woman. I doubt that I could do the same.


Am I the only one here that sees this incredible act of forgiveness and then begins looking upon themselves as worse than the worst.

I don’t think I could forgive that easily.


She is truly a courageous and quite possibly a virtuous person to have forgiven her daughter’s killer.


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