Mother faces felony charges for obese son

And so it begins … I wonder where it can go from here.:frowning:

Begins? Its been going on a for along time.

True that … true that. :frowning:

As my wife says: Someone had to bring him food. Was that person acting responsibly?

Just irrational!

“Prosecutors said Jerri Gray skipped a court date with the Department of Social Services on May 19 and took off with her 14-year-old son, Alexander Draper.
Social workers with the DSS filed paperwork to have her son removed from her home. Investigators said the boy weighs 555 pounds, FOX Carolina News reported.
Detectives said Gray took off to Baltimore, where they found her more than a week ago parked near a Laundromat.”

If her son is in DSS custody, how will they feed him?

If he’s hungry, will they say “NO” - they’d be required to!

If they say “yes” they should get felony charges too.

equality is tough, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Low fat, healthy foods. Fat folks can be anemic, too.

Maybe they can start a low impact exercise program for the kid, too.

Naah, he’d find an ACLU attorney to file a “cruel and unusual punishment” lawsuit. :smiley:

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