Mother has four limbs removed after abortion


A woman who had an abortion in Bordeaux is suing the medical team that performed the procedure after she ended up having to have partial amputations to both arms and legs.

Mother of three, Priscilla Dray was admitted to the maternity unit of Bordeaux University Hospital for the abortion in the summer of 2011, Sud Ouest reported.

The operation lasted a few hours and on the Friday evening the 36-year-old shopkeeper was able to return home to her family.


What a terrifying ordeal and tragedy all the way around. The life of a child murdered in the womb and a woman left with septicemia. That may be a complication or risk of abortion I don’t know but how horrible for her as well.

Have Mercy on Us and on the whole world.


Now I have to learn French to read the article! Anyway, quite a tragedy.


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