mother heart ache

Mothers day is so sad for me. I am awake in the middle of the night knowing my one son never comes to see me. my daughter talks back to me at 27 years old and my other son did not come here to see me. i am asking blessed virgin mary to intervene through my children to show me they care. i am heartbroken. my husband mistreated me many times in front of my daughter.

You have my prayers Sunflower. I have a daughter who has estranged herself from me,too. I know how you feel. I will add you and your intentions to my prayers. God bless. Christine:hug1:

Mother’s day is the day to remember how MUCH ur mother had done for u. I was never able to understand the pain and sacrifices that she had gone thru for us, but now, I being a mother, wonder at the mental strength and agony that she had to go thru to bring us up. I thank Abba Father for my parents 'coz they instilled the most important gift - “the gift of faith” in me …Mother Mary protect my mother and all mothers throughout the world, especially the suffering mothers…Amen

Mother Mary, I lift up to you sunflower1954… As our mother, you too have felt anguish at the rejection we your children have shown you. I beg of you to intercede for sunflower1954 so that God may grant her prayer… May her children realize the sacrifices she made for them as a mother and may they appreciate the gift of life God has given them through her…

St. Gianna, pray for her.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta, pray for her.

Sunflower, you have my prayers. At Mass on Sunday, I will especially remember you.

AND don’t we have the best mother in the world? Mary! I thank Jesus every day for giving her to us. :slight_smile:

Please know that you are not alone in this. Many have prodigal children. I know many personally. Some have adult kids who use people and drugs. After years of emotional abuse, they’ver learned to distance themselves and are actually relieved they don’t come around. Others have drug free kids but some are drama makers. Stress causes illness. The idea of a family celebration starts the stress. Just the thought of it. A few Moms have stated their just tired of it and throw in the towel. They can’t fix the drama kings and queens.

Make a bucket list and start doing the things you want to do. If you have no one for Mother’s Day, forget about it or go out and buy yourself something you have always wanted. Or maybe you are at the stage of your life where you don’t want or need anything. That’s okay too.

Praying my heart out for you.

praying for you


Mother Mary, please ease Sunflower’s pain, and ask our Lord to grant her peace, love and serenity. Amen.

Grant Sunflower happiness in You and her children O Lord, I pray: Our Father…, Hail Mary…, Glory Be… + Amen.

St. Monica will pray for you. I just asked her to.

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