Mother helping son with down syndrome

This unbelievably disturbing and wrong on so many levels.

Most mothers would be aghast at the idea of their son getting it on with a hooker or searching for sex online. But not Lucy Baxter; she wants her 21-year-old son Otto, who has Down’s Syndrome, to lose his virginity so he can “enjoy the same experiences as other men his age.”

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Because everyone has STDs and he should too! (That’s her thinking)

I would’ve expected a father to do that more so than a mother. :smiley:

a father is the spiritual leader of his family. his leadership is directed from his faith and his God. a wife recieves her direction from her husband in submission as to God. I would find it much easier to hear of the trips and falls of a wife and mother than a father.
I see the point in this story is the lost people in our society. Dont shake your heads at the Samaritans but pray for them as our brothers and sisters.

–Father of 7

I guess the mom will have to carry the eternal consequences for that actions. Kids with down syndrome are so joy full and pure- have you ever watched them of looked in his eyes. Why is the mother taking that purity from her son?

So sad that a mom would want the innocence taken away from someone who is truly innocent.:frowning:

Bwah-ha-ha-ha :D:D:D

How could you expect any parent to do that? What are we coming to?

Gosh, the stupidity of the human race is unlimited…

It was a joke, but I do know of a father who had taken his son to a strip club when he became of legal age.

My boss I know for a fact has taken his nephew who has just turned 18 to several lapdancing clubs and set him up with girls in these clubs for sexual encounters later. My boss made the mistake of telling me this as he thought it would impress me, it in fact made me lose respect for him.

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