Mother in Law

Where do we draw the line between helping our elders and protecting our children from their false religious beliefs? My mom-in-law needs some care but professes a very anti-catholic faith.

Provide her with the help she needs, but minimize exposure of the children to her anti-Catholicism. Older children could also be taught to discount what she says, because “Grandma doesn’t understand God”.

However you choose to handle the details, charity must always come first. Your MIL’s ignorance and prejudice needn’t prevent the family from loving her, nor should you allow the family to be hurt by her.

Pax Christe,

I think this is so important!

My own MIL changed when I did! I started asking God to show me the person that He created her to be not the person that I was seeing and I asked Jesus to show me how to lover her the way that He does. It really works. I can do nothing without His help. Ask God to transform your heart and to help you love the difficult people in your life. By doing so, you help transform other hearts and what a beautiful gift God has given us - His Holy Spirit to help us.

Pray for her - and let God do all the heavy lifting!

Peace and prayers for you and your family.

I have recently realized that the best way to handle any bad outside influence is to say, Poor Soandso, doesn’t know… (how to behave, how to dress modestly, how to love God properly…) **we must pray for Soandso. **

Acknowledge the problem but let the problem lead you to prayer.

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