Mother makes ultimate sacrifice

See story in this link.

"WILDOMAR, Calif. — A California woman made the ultimate sacrifice for her unborn daughter when she refused life-saving bone cancer treatment while pregnant.

Ashley Bridges was 10 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Doctors recommended she immediately start chemotherapy, however the treatment would have required Bridges to terminate the pregnancy.

Bridges chose her unborn daughter over treatment…"

Let pray us ask Our Lady to intercede for healing for this dear young mother!

Praying to St. Peregrine & Our Lady of Guadalupe for the intentions & health & recovery of this courageous young mother & her baby.

Lord, please bless Ashley for her decision of love. Heal her and protect her baby.

I’m praying Ashley recovers.:gopray:

I knew a woman who made this same choice over 25 years ago. She was told she would die without chemo. She decided to keep her baby and refused treatment. She had a son, and after he was born the doctors discovered she was cancer free.

They said that the hormone changes related to being pregnant and giving birth killed off the cancer. Regardless I think God healed her because she trusted in Him and put her child first. I hope the same will be true for this mother.

As a Catholic, can one expect God to do what is best in a situation when one prays fervently? In other words, if the woman dies shortly after giving birth, would it mean it’s best she dies (doubt it very much) or does it mean God’s will is not always our best? Or does God let biology run its course, and if cancer cells grow exponentially, then she dies, if they don’t, then she lives. What’s your take?

I believe that God does not micromanage everything, and that what is “good” to us is not necessarily good in God’s plan for the universe. I keep praying though, because prayer may in some way influence events.

nowzen is not very subtle in his insulting use of my name on the same thread as a sequel to the posts he wrote belittling God before he was banned… :shrug:

We do not know the Mind or Will of God but should, as Catholics, have faith that everything happens because of God and fulfills His Plan. To associate earthly results in terms of human understanding as you have, would imply we know God and that implies we are equal to God. Trust in God and be faithful. God Bless you.:thumbsup:

Through the intercession of St. Gianna Molla, the Immaculate Heart of the inviolate ever-virgin Queen of Heaven, and the Unfathomable Divine Mercy may The Lord of Life lay His Healing Hand upon this courageous witness to motherhood and rout the enemy of illness.

In Jesus’ Holy Name,

This is hard, as we don’t think like God, and how things turn out is really not up to us. But if we are faced with a situation like these women we are called to choose life over death, and to protect the weaker over the stronger. (The infant has no choice in this matter so we must choose in it’s favor.) Now this is a logical way of looking at for me. Maybe others will not agree.

In these two instances the women seem to have been granted a cure from their cancer as a result of the choice they made to sacrifice their own well being and even lives. There are multiple things that go into a choice like this including, faith, hope, trust, love and of course prayer. How God responds to that, and what the best response is only He really knows.

None of know how we will die, or what ailment or injury might bring that about. All any of us can do throughout life is make faith based choices that are in accord with the teachings of the Church. They can lead us to wonderful outcomes, as well as terrible difficulties and sacrifices. But they are the better choice.

:thumbsup: I believe prayer always influences events because it helps us to understand that sometimes we have to choose the lesser of two evils. In an extremely complex world such dilemmas are bound to occur. Jesus gave His life for us because perfect love cannot exist without some form of sacrifice.


nownzen is not very subtle in his insulting use of my name on the same thread as a sequel to the posts he wrote belittling God before he was banned…

Stay on topic, tony. This has nothing to do with the thread. If you have unfinished business with this fellow you keep talking about, deal with it with him directly. I don’t understand why you want to publicize your strife with that user.:shrug:

Concretely, though, if the woman makes the right choice and ends up dying, do you think that was God’s best, or as another poster has pointed out, God doesn’t micromanage our lives, so if she does end up dying despite much fervent prayer, then God let the cancerous cells run their course without intervening directly. If she ends up not dying after much fervent prayer, perhaps God still did not intervene but she was naturally cured of her cancer? Would you say prayer is more about resignation, accepting events, facts, which may or may not be God’s will, rather than try and bring a favourable outcome? Or a bit of both?

Personally, I would call this an example of heroic virtue. That said, I do hope that she is cured of her cancer.

I pray for her healing now.

And I will pray for the repose of her soul when she, most likely, dies from the cancer that has metastized.

You are right, Holly.

She is a living example of heroic virtue.
I hope someone teaches her child this as the child grows up without her

This young woman made the right choice. I’ll be praying for her. Bone cancer is often times a very aggressive disease. I know, because I was diagnosed when I was pregnant with my daughter two years ago, and I am now trying to treat a second recurrence in the lungs. I was much further along when I was diagnosed (34 weeks) so abortion wasn’t ever brought up by my doctors. I’m really glad she made the right decision, I just hope she can beat this horrible disease.


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