Mother Marianne becomes an American saint

(CNN) --Mother Marianne becomes an American saint By Jen Christensen, CNN.

An American health care pioneer will receive the Roman Catholic Church’s highest honor this weekend. On Sunday, Mother Marianne Cope – along with another North American, Kateri Tekakwitha – will become a saint, a designation so difficult to achieve that only 10 other Americans have been canonized before her.

Saint Marianne Cope, as she will soon be known, may be best remembered for her work with patients suffering from Hansen’s disease – or lepers, as they were called at the time.

If we could all exemplify her life!

Thank God for Saint Marianne Cope.

She took over for Saint Damien De Veuster after he died of leprosy on the colony of Molokai . She took care of the patients on that island for over thirty years.

What an incredible person.

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