Mother Mary lifted up body and spirit into Heaven


Where is the story that tells about Mother Mary being lifted body and sprit inot heaven. Was it written by St Peter or St John? How did that doctrine come about again?



The earlist mention as the link tells you would be 300 years later.


Its origin is unknown, but it (or its origins) can be traced to the second century - see the link immediately below. There are several accounts of the Dormition-Assumption, but they are not from the Apostolic age. That they are legends does not make them worthless, but they can’t be used uncritically.

This is very thorough:
*][/LIST]It is taken from Stephen J. Shoemaker’s book “Ancient Traditions of the Virgin Mary’s Dormition and Assumption”.

*]mere age does make a doctrine true
*]fullness of detail does not mean a text claiming to be an account of an event is genuinely what it claims to be
*]A text or title claiming Apostolic origin is not automatically Apostolic
*]nor is a doctrine automatically false because it is held by a group outside the “Great Church” (a convenient label for the group out of which the CC developed)
*]nor does it follow that because no place claims the relics of Mary, she “must have” been assumed
*]nor does it follow that because a belief or tradition can be described in the words of John 21.25, it is therefore true.[/LIST]No text can with any probability be traced to any Apostle except the literature in the NT - that something goes under the name of an Apostle is no proof of origin. This is where the NT Apocrypha are very useful - the apocryphal books that claim Apostolic authorship, or an origin as dialogues between Christ & an Apostle, can be compared with the genuine material, which is in the NT.

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Gottle of Geer;3350623]## Its origin is unknown, but it (or its origins) can be traced to the second century - see the link

Did not see a second century in your link, please cut and paste information that states that

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