Mother Mary novena during adoration?


can we pray the mother mary novena during adoration?

I am planning to go to adoration everyday… if God wills… :slight_smile:
i went on thursday and it was incredible… :slight_smile:

also hoping to do the scriptural rosary…

any more ideas… I found this wonderful church which has perpetual adoration… it is awesome!!! The silence and how you get to speak to HIM… I started crying in front of HIM… They have great books too… but any suggestions?


Why not? Mary leads us to Jesus.


Yep, go for it.

Do you mind saying a few prayers for my family when you go? We’re having some tough times right now. Thanks.

Suggestions? Rosary, DM chaplet, novenas, read the bible. And don’t forget just to sit silently, and let Jesus get a word in edgewise, too!:slight_smile: I’m still working on the last part.


definitely will do…


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