Mother Mary Shows that She cares

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 I got an interesting article for ya.  Here is the link.  [](

I got this from Yahoo this morning. I think it’s a light-hearted story, which I think we all could use about right now.

There were some workers in a restaurant who claimed to have seen Our Lady or Guadalupe in their griddle. At first I was like, “Oh man, another one of THOSE.” But then I was like, “Well, let’s at least look at the photo.” The photo from Yahoo is deceiving (surprise, surprise.) In fact it doesn’t even show the actual markings that are supposed to be the Virgin Mary. What convinced me that this may be an authentic sign from God are the following facts:

  1. This occured in a town on the border of Mexico and the US (I think California.) This is as we all know the hot spot of the swine flu mess. This fact inspired the title of my post.

  2. The image showed up in the CORNER of the grill. If this is indeed authentic, then Mother Mary did this on purpose. She put the image on a little-used place on the grill so there would be no question as to whether or not the image was from normal wear and tear. Anyone who has used a grill knows that the part used the most is in the MIDDLE, not the CORNER. This placement also made it easier for Yahoo to hide the image.

I think it’s real. It’s not a big deal, nothing to build a church over, but I think that Mary is telling us that she cares about the swine flu problem and that she has great sympathy for our suffering. Maybe since this sighting was on the border there is a message pointing to better US-Mexican relations, esp. in light of this swine flu. Who knows? But I say it was a nice gesture on Our Lady’s part.

Oh yeah - the comments on the website I gave you are harsh. I wanted to make my own, supportive comments, so of course I was able to do that here, as always. :slight_smile:


Well…it sort of looks like something and the figure at the left could be Juan Diego, I suppose.

I like the ones I’ve seen that are a little more clearer.

My favorites ones are:

Our Lady of Las Lajas

The image was found imprinted on a rock.

Our Lady of Absam

The image appeared on a window pane.

And of course our very own North American Our Lady of Guadalupe! :smiley:

I know! I can’t believe it either, but geologists investigated it and the image is colored into the rock by several feet with no trace of paint, dye or any other pigment. The colors are the colors of the rock itself. The miracle has been approved by the Church and the sanctuary was declared a minor basilica in 1954.

Here’s the story:

I threw myself on my knees before an image of the Virgin.
O mother of God! O Most Holy Mother!

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