Mother of four w/o support


My friend, Deneene, has four pre-teens and teens (all boys) and their father left them and her last year for another woman. While Deneene remains a prayerful, faithful woman who prays with her sons for their dad…he has not been disposed to helping them financially. She has a part-time job and has remarkably good boys. Apparently her summer has been stressful and she has had minimal money for school supplies and uniforms (I suppose they can’t go back to catholic school - but I don’t know that). Our public schools have uniform codes also.

Please pray for this family and for the mother Deneene to keep her head above water during this very trying time.


Will pray for Deneene and her family.


Praying for Deneene, her sons, and the father!

~~ the phoenix


As a single mom of four myself, I will be praying for her!


Praying for this family.




I will pray for this mother of four


Praying for this mother, her boys and their father. May they be granted relief financially.


I’ll pray but maybe she should consider taking him to court for child support.


Praying for Dennene, her 4 boys and their father





Praying for Deneene and her sons…


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