Mother of God or Mother of God the Son?

Ok I have a kind of long and weird question it came up during debate with a certain person who seems to be very knowledgeable about theology and apparently grammar.

Now my question is; is it ok to say that the Virgin Mary is the Mother of God or should it be said Mother of God the Son? And is it wrong to say She is the Mother of God without adding the Son part?

Now in my catechism and all that I have ever read the Holy Virgin is referred to as the Mother of God, and in the Bible St. Peter calls Jesus his Lord and God. I maintain that Jesus is God and that the Blessed Virgin is the Mother of God, but this person makes a good argument to dissuade me by pointing out that the Virgin Mary didn’t Mother the Father or The Holy Spirit but She Mothered God the Son. Therefore she didn’t Mother God, but is the Mother of God the Son. This just seems wrong to me because I have always said Mother of God and that is always what I have been taught. And also I was taught that Jesus is fully God and fully man. So if anyone here can she some insight on this issue for me or perhaps give me some ammo so I can try and convince this Catholic that he is wrong, that would be great.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

It seems like the Holy Spirit has already spoken to you, for the words you sited were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Your friend should ask Him why He had Luke write, “Mother of my Lord” or why he felt the need to have John write of Thomas, “My Lord and my God”.

There is only one God. Jesus is God and Mary is his mother.
It is perfectly acceptable to say that Mary is the mother of God. It is perfectly acceptable to say that Mary is the mother of God the Son.
To me, it sounds as if the person you are talking to does not accept the Trinity - that is the tri-unity of God. If so, that would be a much more fruitful discussion.

Right I understand what your are saying, the argument is, my friend says that it is wrong to say “Mother of God” but that you have to say “Mother of God the Son”.

Is it wrong to say that Jesus is God? Yes or No? If it is not wrong to say that Jesus is God, then it is not wrong to say that Mary is the mother of God. Period. “I am in the Father and the Father is in me”

This is bad theology driven by an anti-Catholic bias.

The Marian Dogmas

The Mother of God (AD 431)

The dogma that declared Mary as the Mother of God or Theotokos is the central dogma within Mariology. This dogma was declared by the Ecumenical Council Ephesus in A.D. 431. The first of twelve anathemas proposed by Cyril of Alexandra and accepted by the Council of Ephesus declares:

1.If anyone does not confess that Emmanuel is God in truth, and therefore that the holy virgin is the mother of God (for she bore in a fleshly way the Word of God become flesh, let him be anathema.

The Council of Ephesus also declared:

Therefore we confess one Christ, one Son, one Lord. According to this understanding of the unconfused union, we confess the holy virgin to be the mother of God because God the Word took flesh and became man and from his very conception united to himself the temple he took from her.

This is the oldest of all dogmas concerning the Blessed Virgin. It is not only essential in Marian Theology but also in the Theology of Christ. For if Mary was not Mother of God, then Jesus was in fact not God.

The reason Mary was declared Theotokos “God bearer” is precisely to make the point of WHO Jesus is: He is the second person of the Trinity, fully possessing the one divine nature. He is God. She is his mother.

In trying to restate the doctrine to say that she is the mother of God the Son has a certain appeal, but it has the effect of trying to dis-integrate the hypostatic union–the union of Jesus’ human and divine natures in one Person. So it would be a dangerous precedent.

Is not God the Son God?

Mother of God is not about glorifying Mary. It’s about the truth of Christ’s nature.

Let’s see…

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Yep, God the Son is God!

The Virgin Mary gave birth to a divine Person (God) so it is ok to say that she is the Mother of God. However, if you want to be more specific, you could say that she gave birth to the Second of the three divine Persons (the Son of God or God the Son) so it is also ok to say that she is the Mother of the Son of God or the Mother of God the Son.

Because the three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity are not to be confused with one another, it is not correct to say that Mary gave birth to the Trinity, or that she gave birth to the Father or to the Holy Spirit. She gave birth to the Son (so that He who was eternally begotten of the Father could also be temporally begotten of flesh), who is God.

Mary is the mother of Jesus, who is God the Son, who is God. It is not incorrect to call her the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of God the Son, the Mother of the Son of God… but to say those things to the exclusion of saying “the Mother of God” is to deny the unity of the Trinity, it is to attempt to divide the Trinity (which is different from differentiating between the Persons of the Trinity).

God the Father and God the Son share the same Divinity.

Here it is plain, simply and logically:

Jesus = God
Mary = Jesus’ Mother
Mary = The Mother of God

What could be simpler? :slight_smile:

I would like to share to everyone what happened to me last year. Perhaps, you may realize how important praying to the Blessed Mother (and Her Rosary) is to me.

I was born and lived in a province since childhood, but after getting a job in Manila, Philippines (9 years ago), I started living a sinful life. If I had died earlier, I would surely have plunged into the burning sulfur of hell without any doubt or question.

I sinned and sinned, and didn’t even bother to pray, stayed away from God, forgot God, worked myself to death, focused on my career, increased my knowledge by going to a graduate school and increased my wealth and worldy possessions.

However, our Lord God had mercy on my soul and started calling me back, thru the Blessed Mother Mary:

1st Call: Two years ago, my college friend died. He was my classmate, same age as mine (32), with the same promising career as a chemical engineer. He and his career is gone now, at a very young age. I was shocked and felt fear. What if it was I who died?

Effect : I only felt fear, but did nothing to repent.

2nd Call: Last year, I received an email from my college friend that our dearest and most intelligent professor died at the age of 40+. He and his intelligence is gone now, also at a very young age.

Effect : My fear increased, but did not repent.

3rd Call: In August of last year, my very rich boss suddenly died of cancer at the age of 49. Her money and enormous wealth did not save her.

Effect : This time I was really struck hard, started to pray a little and started reflecting on my life, but did not repent.

4th Call: Last year again, I was bed ridden for a week due to kidney problem. The pain I had, felt like I was gonna die. I started praying hard to God, to forgive me for my transgressions. But after few weeks of being healed, I went back to my sinful life.

5th and Final Call: One week after celebrating the 75th birthday of my mother last year, she became very ill. She was brought to the hospital and was struggling between life and death. The hospital bills have drained all my savings, and left me with loans. After two months of struggle, and with no more resources to fight for her life, she died before Christmas, and so we had the most sorrowful Christmas ever.

This recent events moved me to change my life. It made me realize many things:

  1. First, our life is very short, and death which seems to be far away is really approaching to each one of us.
  2. Second, What is professional career for, if God takes away my life right now.
  3. Third, Worldy intelligence will be blotted out once the Lord God called us back.
  4. Fourth, Money and Wealth cannot save us from death, once the Lord has retrieved the life He gave us.
  5. Fifth, not to invoke the Lord God to anger, for His hands are mighty and powerful.
  6. Lastly, that I should be thankful to the Lord and the Blessed Mother in bringing me back to grace.

But, the temptation is very strong. It seems like a magnet pulling me down. And the Wretched One does not want me to lead a better life. So, I realized going back to grace is a gift from Heaven. But remaining in grace is another hard thing to accomplish.

So what I did is I prayed the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary everyday. I told the Blessed Mother sincerely that I will pray Her 15 mysteries everyday, in return for the favor of protecting me and not abandoning me especially in times of trouble. And she did, now I am completely changed. The Blessed Mother showered bountiful graces upon me which I do not deserve. And everytime I look back at my past, I felt sorrow for having mislead my life for so long and for having hurt God with my sins.

The spiritual battle is still ON and the temptations are still lurking around. But I guess it will never end while I am alive. But the most important thing is I have the Blessed Mother by my side now thru the Holy Rosary. I also have Jesus by my side, thru the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy Chaplet (which gives me so much peace) and the Holy Eucharist (which is the food of my soul).

And we have all the angels and saints by our side who desires as much to save our souls.

Now, these are the reasons why I am praying the Rosary, and why I am urging others to do so also.

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