Mother of God, the second part of the trinity?

I was reading a thread and someone said that we should respect the Mother of God, the second part of the Trinity. I don’t know how I happened to escape ever hearing this since I am a catholic, but I have never heard that said before. Could someone explain to me how she is the second part of the Trinity please. What it means. Thank you Brenda.

As you well know, Mary is not part of the Trinity.

So, the two logical explanations are:

a) A typographical error in the posting
b) A very confused person (which could be you, perhaps misreading the post or the poster, perhaps either really misunderstanding the Trinity or English is not their first language or they simply mistyped something)

This is a non-issue.


I don’t normally emphasize words with caps, but this is very important to understand. Mary is NOT God.

Did you hear this recently on CAF? Could you direct me to the post so I can see for myself? Methinks some correction is needed. :stuck_out_tongue:

O Lord, I am so sorry. They said the mother of Jesus the second part of the Trinity. My bad, I will delete this right away. I read it wrong. It was in the post Mary in Islam and Protestantism. Sorry

No, it’s not your fault at all. I was just emphasizing the fact.

Don’t feel guilt; it was an honest mistake.

I imagine that the phrase was simply a victim of poor grammatical construction. Mary, Mother of God - the second person of the Trinity, was perhaps trying to articulate which part of the Trinity Mary is the mother of. So, the subject being clarified is Christ who is the second person of the Trinity, and thus in his incarnation is the Person of God whose mother is Mary. This was probably an attempt to clarify for those who want to claim that in the Theotokos the Catholic Church is somehow claiming that Mary is the source of the Trinity and therefore Catholicism is not only not Christian but polytheistic and thus idolatrous. Instead the sentence only seems to confirm it! Grammatical construction, including, punctuation matter! I hope my grammatical construction was correct and clear!

I think you probably looked at my comment. I looked back and reread my post, and I did put on there that Mary, is the mother of Jesus, who Jesus is the second part of the Trinity. Im sorry if I typed anything wrong, or I put anything on there that made it sound as though I was saying she is part of the trinity. All I tried to say was that Mary, as Mother of Jesus, who is the 2nd part of the Trinity, she should be respected.

Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Jesus is the second part of the trinity not Mary

When talking to some Muslims their understanding of the ‘Trinity’ was - Jesus, Mary & Joseph!! They thought that was what Christians esp. RCs generally believed. I tried to enlighten them but they seemed only more confused. So perhaps it is a common misunderstanding amongst certain sects of Islam.

Well, among those I worked with, they initially thought it was God, Jesus and Mary. I told them otherwise, charitably.

in Islam, they consider Mary to be the second or third person of the trinity. It is their misunderstanding of the trinity which they do not believe in. Protestantism does not believe that Mary was a part of the trinity either.

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  1. Father
  2. Son (Jesus)
  3. Holy Spirit

Mary is the Mother of Jesus.
Jesus is God (the “second part of the Trinity”)
Therefore, Mary is the Mother of God (the second part of the Trinity).

The wording was very poor, but I think that is what was intended.

It does help to keep things organized.

Otherwise, we get prayer requests and discussions of contraception in the middle of forums devoted to Eastern Catholicism.

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