Mother of Good Counsel: Augustinians


The feast of the Mother of Good Counsel is April 26.

The Vincentian Fathers in Perryville, Missouri, are hosting a novena at the shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Our Lady of Good Counsel has always been the title honored by the Augustinians. Let us therefore pray for Augustinian vocations, and vocations to those who follow the Rule of St. Augustine.


Discalced Augustinians (indigenous to Spain):

Augustinian Nuns, Nova Scotia:

Augustinian Nuns of Contemplative Life, New Lenox, IL:

These nuns receiving a visit from the Prior General:

Augustinian Recollect Nuns, New Jersey:


Other cloistered orders who follow the Rule of St. Augustine:

Order of the Most Holy Savior (Brigittines):

Norbertine Canonesses of Tehachapi, CA:

Cloistered Dominican Nuns:

Order of Servites (Nuns):

Order of Our Lady of Mercy (Discalced Mercedarian Nuns):

Visitation of Holy Mary:

Nuns of Perpetual Adoration:

Sioux Falls, SD:
San Francisco, CA:
Anchorage, AK:
El Paso, TX:


Cloistered Trinitarian Nuns:


The contemplative Orantes of the Assumption were founded in France, and expanded to a number of African locations. This brochure is in French:


Active communities:

Augustinian Friar vocations:

Augustinian Recollects Vocations:


Daylesford Abbey, PA:

DePere, WI:

St. Michael’s Abbey, CA:

Chelmsford, UK:


Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine:


A history of Canons Regular, which didn’t begin with St. Augustine.


Canonesses of the Holy Sepulcher, UK:

Canonesses of St. Augustine, Congregation of Our Lady, UK:

Actual addresses:

Canons Regular of the Holy Cross (Crosiers), US:

Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, US:

Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem, US:


Active Women’s Communities:


Sisters of Mercy:


Order of St. Paul the First Hermit:

Supposedly has a cloistered branch in Hungary, where the order was founded.


Order of St. Jerome (Hieronymites):


Sisters of the Good Shepherd Contemplative Communities:

Sisters of the Good Shepherd:





Dominicans (Eastern Province of St. Joseph):

Dominicans: (Southern Province of St. Martin de Porres):

Dominicans: (Western Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus):

Dominicans: (Central Province of St. Albert the Great):


Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament:


The Romite Ambrosiane, Italy:

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Daughters of Divine Charity:

This Community is mentioned in the thread about the UK convent receiving new vocations after a 40-year drought.


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