" Mother of listening and service"

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I used a phrase from the Pope's Angelus Address of yesterday for the title of this thread. How lovely it is! He was referring to Our Blessed Mother as an example of one who gives us the model for integrating both Gospel images: Mary of Bethany sitting and listening at Jesus' feet, and her sister Martha serving Him. An excerpt from the Pope's words:
...In our Christian life too prayer and action are always profoundly united. Prayer that does not lead to concrete action toward a brother who is poor, sick, in need of help, the brother in difficulty, is a sterile and incomplete prayer. But, in the same way, when in ecclesial service we are only concerned with doing, we give greater weight to things, functions, structures, and we forget the centrality of Christ; we do not set aside time for dialogue with him in prayer, we are in risk of serving ourselves and not God present in our needy brother. St. Benedict took up the way of life that he summed up for his monks in 2 words: “ora et labora,” pray and work. It is from contemplation, from a strong relationship of friendship with the Lord that there is borne in us the capacity to live and bear God’s love, his mercy, his tenderness to others. It is also our work with our needy brother, our labor of charity in works of mercy, that brings us to the Lord because we see the Lord in our needy brother and sister.
Let us ask the Virgin Mary, the Mother of listening and service – who teaches us to meditate on the Word of her Son in our heart – to pray with fidelity, to be always more concretely attentive to the needs of our brothers...
Full text can be read [HERE]("http://www.zenit.org/en/articles/on-contemplating-the-word-of-god?utm_campaign=dailyhtml&utm_medium=email&utm_source=dispatch")

I love that, thanks for sharing!

wow. Thank you for sharing this Maria Christi.
I have always wondered why I sometimes feel like Mary and sometimes feel like Martha like it was a bad thing to be going back and forth. Now I am seeing that it not really a bad thing. It reminds me of how we need to always be sitting at Jesus’ feet contemplating His every word while we go about our chores or activities that our respective lives demand from us. Kind of like learning to balance the two out and find a harmony between them…
Hope and pray that makes sense.
May Our Blessed Mother Mary continue to help us keep this balance always…

Excellent-Thanks for passing this along.

Thank you. I have been pondering the Mary/Martha roles. It seems to me that for either activity or passive listening we need to pay attention to Our Lord to see what He is asking us to do at that moment. Listening first, then action when needed. Our Lady IS the perfect example of that. Thank you, again!

Dear simple soul,

Thanks for your reply. I think many people see themselves as “either a Martha or a Mary” but I believe that God intends us to see both saints together. All of us are called both to listen to God’s Word and to serve Him. It is always grace in us when we are able to listen to Him, even as we are serving Him. This is not always easy for us for we are prone to forget and get “disturbed” by our much serving as Martha did. We get anxious and then we can even begin to be critical of others who “seem” not to be helping us. Jesus in His love for Martha and for each of us, points to the one thing necessary which is our relationship to Him. I agree with you, learning to balance and harmonize our listening and our service is important, remembering as St. Therese said, “Everything is grace!” :slight_smile:

Mother of listening and service, pray for us. Help us to be like you, for His Glory.

Dear bcuster,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, Our Lady is our perfect Mother and Model in all things and especially for our learning to listen and to serve. We see her in the Gospels, listening, and keeping His Word, pondering Him in her heart. We see her at Cana, going to Jesus and sharing with Him the needs of others, and then going to the servants, telling them to do whatever He tells them. No wonder the Popes have called on Mary so often and most recently have called her the “Star of the New Evangelization”. The closer we are to Jesus, the more His Love impels us to go to others.

Mother of listening and service, pray for all of us that the Church may shine in this dark world, with the Light of Christ, as you did in your life on earth.

Dear Lifesong and TerryJT,

Thank you both for your replies.

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