Mother of the Lord, Father of the Buddha

On my blog recently I wrote about the comparison to be made between our Lady and King Suddhodana in their attitudes to the prophesied missions of their respective children. I was partly prompted by the frequent assertion that elements of the Gospels were appropriated from Buddhist narratives. I one of my opening paras I wrote

The problem with this approach is that it assumes that since the Buddha pre-dates the Messiah then so to do the legends and stories surrounding him. That, I think, is far from certain. The Gospel accounts of Matthew and Luke received pretty much their final form and were circulated within a century of the events they describe. The provenance of the Buddha legends is less clear and it has been suggested that some of them post-date Jesus thus demolishing the argument

But I really don’t know that much about this aspect of things. Is anyone aware of a reliable guide to the age of the nativity, infancy and childhood narratives of the Buddha and how they relate, chronologically, to the writing of the Gospel accounts?

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