Mother seeing the 6th week


Hi all,

I discussed the problems with my mother before on this forum. I have another question though:

Right now I have an arrangement with my mother that I will come visit her once every 6 weeks. I live almost 2 hours away from her place. She is pleased with the arrangement as am I.

The thing is that one weekend in November, and is the 6th week in the row, I will go on holiday with a friend. I already booked it and it was the only weekend we could go.

My brother also comes that weekend to my mother (we always make sure that it will be a weekend that my brother is also at my mother’s).

I think she will be ‘mad’ at me that I fail to uphold the promise/ arrangement to come once every 6 weeks. I can say that I will come a week earlier or later, but I think this will cause trouble with her.

What do suggest I should do or say? Thanks in advance!

Greetings Don.


Be straightforward about it and if she gets mad, you are simply going to have to ignore it.

Also, perhaps you need to reframe the “6 week’s” to “every other month on a date that works for everyone”.

It’s best to set the right expectations because it’s the disappointment of unmet expectations that causes the drama.


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