Mother Teresa and Bill Clinton

I heard that Mother Teresa walked up to Bill Clinton, when he was president, and admonished him with something like “Please stop killing the babies.” Where can I find a transcript or video of this? Thanks

I never heard that she walked up to the President. But I do remember the Prayer Breakfast–here is a link to a transcript of her speech, which also contains a link to an audio of the speech. I believe that President and Mrs. Clinton were present at this breakfast.

Here’s another link to the same National Prayer Breakfast story:

I’m really pretty certain this is the incident you have heard about, Geremia.

You gave the answer I was going to give about the Prayer Breakfast.

It was so long ago, but I vaguely remember reading somewhere that everyone in the room gave her a standing ovation, except President Clinton, his wife, and the Goore’s chose to remain seated.

I vaguely recall it as well, but I believe Clinton actually was fairly gracious and said something to the effect of “I cannot offer any argument to someone who has so thoroughly and heroically lived her convictions her whole life…”

This is related: Mother Teresa on Contraception at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994 (audio), transcript

Here’s a video of Mother Teresa’s speech:

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