Mother Teresa Biography Recommendations

Someone I know, who is a fallen-away Catholic, is asking for a good biography of Mother Teresa. Any recommendations? He’s the intellectual sort. Thanks.

I’m also looking for a book on her life, or perhaps on her thoughts/spirituality. I hear all kinds of provoking quotes from her here and there, but I’d love something more collected that I can dig in to.

Look to her autobiography.
It’s very touching.
Best to hear n her own words what she believed her calling was.

The first, and probably the best bio of MT is Malcolm Muggeridge’s Something Beautiful for God. It’s honest and straightforward, told by a former atheist and communist. A very good read indeed.

Thanks everyone. I forgot to mention that he doesn’t want a biography so much as an exploration of her motivation. He said he knows she did great things, but he wants to know why. I have a book called Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire, and I think I could bookmark the first third of that book for him. It’s unabashedly Jesus-centered, but that’s what she was about…

Don’t know if that prompts any other ideas.

Muggeridge’s book definitely explores who she was and what motivated her. :slight_smile:

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