Mother Teresa Come, Be My Light

I’m in the middle of this book. I love it! Mother Teresa is such an inspiration. I am humbled and motivated to give of myself as I read this book.

Anyone else read this?

God bless,

I haven’t not, but I would like to read it one day. I’ll add it to my book list :slight_smile: Have you finished it yet?

No, it’s about 350 pages long, and I hope to finish it by the end of this week.

God bless,

I read this when it first came out; at the time, I was Protestant/Evangelical. I am now Catholic and this book had a huge part in my journey. I was utterly humbled by the life of Mother Teresa and believe that her life is the ultimate example of Christian life and love. I feel I owe her so much for bringing to light the Catholic walk and introducing me to the faith I now love.

I think it’s a blessing that you feel in some way inspired by Mother Teresa but as a Haitian citizen who lived in Haiti at the time of the Duvalia regime, I see her in a different light.

Be careful who you let guide you. You have a mind of your own. Maybe if you look deeply at your perfect self you may find that it was your own moral compass for humanity that helped you find the spiritual pathway that’s right for you without believing that suffering and useless, painful death is a blessing from the Lord, as in “Aids is bad, but condoms are worse”.

Possibly more research into the verifiably documented practices of Mother Teresa and cult will prove to be disappointing, yet enlightening.

I am not sure what you saying in this post. Regarding your second paragraph, I am very well aware I have a mind of my own and I do not make decisions, especially spiritual decisions, without a great deal of research, reading, praying, seeking wise counsel, praying, and praying some more. I am not a person to be easily swayed or influenced, and I am an academic, have a graduate degree, and am ALWAYS reading and learning. The Saints are huge inspirations to me, Mother Teresa included, and part of why they are so inspiring is because they are fallible, just like the rest of us. I don’t want a perfect saint to guide me–I cannot relate to perfection! But I can relate to trying to love God and love others, seeking God in the Dark Night, and enduring through suffering, which is what I see in our beloved Saints. I am a person who has and continues to suffer a great deal (I’ve mentioned it in other posts, but I have brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, and liver tumors that are mets from my pancreatic cancer, as well as other tumors in the eye, kidney, etc. It’s a genetic disease, I lost my father to it four years ago, both my girls have it {oldest daughter just diagnosed with her first tumor–broke my heart}, and I am very well acquainted with the Dark Night). In my suffering, I understand that God did not make it happen to me, He allowed it, and I do think that suffering and death, while not being blessings in and of them selves, have redemptive value and have the ability to provide blessing that would not otherwise have been possible. This is what the Saints teach us through their lives and deaths. I am deeply grateful others have gone before me, paving the way through a life of suffering and death and arriving at destination heaven, eternity with Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

With all that said, if you have information you would like to share regarding Mother Teresa, I would welcome hearing it. I am not closed to the counterpoint, but I must admit I have no idea what your counterpoint is. Perhaps you could either tell us what may paint Mother Teresa in a bad light, or at least point us to the sources that would inform us. Thanks for you input in this discussion.

So by your own admission, you are an intelligent, schooled individual that values logic, reason, reality, and facts.

Have you refused any type of medical treatment for your illness, that has been suggested by a physician?

If so, is it your belief that God will love you less if you don’t deny yourself medical care and instead opt for the path of greater suffering and likelier death from refusal of that care?

No, I have never refused medical recommendations of any kind.

I do not believe God wants us to seek out suffering–it is His decision when and what form suffering comes to an individual.

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