Mother Teresa & Pope John Paul II Patron Saints?


When Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II will be canonized as Saints. What do you think they will be Patron Saints of? How about Mother Angelica and Father John Corapi?

Hmm, perhaps Father John Corapi could be the Patron Saint of converts/conversion. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

God bless all who dedicate their lives and times to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother.

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Blessed Teresa of Calcutta is already patron of World Youth Day apparently

I’d like her to be patron of India where she did so much of her work and spent so much of her life. I also think she should be patron of people suffering from dark night of the soul

JP2 - definitely patron of Parkinson’s sufferers. Patron of travellers,as he did so much travelling himself. And actors. Patron of Poland, his beloved homeland.

He should also be patron of World Youth Day which was his initiative.


I could see JP II as patron of youth.

Bl. Mother Teresa as patron of the poor & downtrodden.


They both would be awesome for those who have been totally consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary because both of them had.


I would love to see Pope John Paul II made Co-Patron of World Youth Day… since young people meant so much to him.

He would also be a wonderful Patron saint for Workers Rights.

I also have him “busy” as Patron of my family. :wink:

God bless.

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