Mother Teresa quote about communion

Does anyone have the citation for the quote supposedly from Mother Teresa about communion in the hand? Please do not reply with your opinions about this, just where the quote came from. Someone asked this question on another forum and no one gave an answer. So, if you know, please tell me. Thanks.

It came from thin air. The Sisters of Charity have clarified in a letter that they never heard Mother Teresa speak about Communion in the hand, nor is there anything in her letters or interviews about it. I don’t have the letter, right now, but I know someone else dose, so be patient. :wink:

I think I found what you may be looking for.

Mother Teresa would not have contradicted the Church. On the mode of receiving Holy Communion, she wrote to her sisters: “This is like the permission of the Bishops given some years ago for receiving Holy Communion in the hand. It is allowed, but not an order, … as M.C.s, we have chosen to receive Holy Communion on the tongue. If questioned about [it], do not enter into discussion – “let every spirit praise the Lord” – but let us pray that all be done for the greater glory of God and the good of the Church.”

This is the link to it. The article is relativly short.

That is the letter :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for.

I think I read somewhere on these forums that Father Rutler denied that Mother Theresa ever said such a thing to him, but I can’t remember when or where. I’d like to see a source for that also, if anybody knows.

IF she never said such a thing, then people need to stop quoting it and take it out of their sig lines because then it is an untruth, and Christians should only speak the truth.

sorry this one I cant find. maybe some one will come up with it.

I am allowing this thread to go forward, but there is to be NO discussion of the value/differences between receiving in the hand or on the tongue. Thank you all.

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