Mother Teresa's beatification miracle was a hoax?

This article was brought up in a debate on Mother Teresa on another forum, and I’m having trouble finding any information to refute its contents. Can anyone help me out? Does the Vatican have the text of its investigation publicly available? I’ve searched the Vatican website but am not having any luck.

What is there to refute? Nothing in the article constitutes evidence that the cure was a “hoax.” On the contrary, everyone in the article agrees that the cure was real. Different opinions are offered as to whether the cure was sheerly medical or was influenced by supernatural help (the cured woman’s husband gives all the credit to medicine), but nobody disputes that the cure itself was authentic. The article’s title comes from the husband loosely using the word “hoax” but his plain meaning is that the cure was natural rather than supernatural.

I guess I don’t see what would need to be “refuted.”

Isn’t the very definition of a miracle something that CANNOT be explained by medicine, science, etc.?

If the cure was a result of medicine, then it doesn’t seem to be a miracle per se. Otherwise, I could call it a miracle when I take a Tylenol and my headache disappears. :shrug:

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