Mother Theresa/Communion


I have seen references to Mother Theresa being against communion in the hand (usually quoted by ultratraditionalists)

I have also seen claims she never made a public statement regarding this and denounced her name being used in this debate.

Does anyone here have the “scoop” on this?
Did she - or did she not speak out against communion in the hand?

Can anyone provide solid references to back it up?

Thank you.


I don’t know… but it’s Teresa. That’s always bugged me. I’m sorry.


I’m so glad you got that off your chest! :frowning:


I too don’t agree with Communion in the hand. I am by no means an ultra traditionalist. I have just seen abuses with my own eyes due to the fact that Communion is received in the hand. However, I realize that I do not have the authority to say either way what is OK and neither did Blessed Mother Teresa (not that I am putting myself on par with Blessed Teresa). That lies with the Bishop(s) and they have spoken on this matter for now. :gopray:


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