Mother to Face Contempt Charges for Refusing Custody of Daughter to Former Lesbian Lover

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman October 27, 2008 ( - Lisa Miller, a former lesbian who rejected the homosexual lifestyle and returned to her belief in Christ, will face contempt of court charges today for refusing to give unsupervised visitation of her daughter to her former…

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The rights of the biological mother should trump those of a former lover. I don’t care who that former lover is.

I do pray that people would look at the consequences of their choices on the future wellbeing of the children involved.

Another crack in the foundation of society. Implosion is getting closer

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Contempt charges not withstanding. Being a parent means you must protect your child, even if you have to protect them from the government.

I don’t get it after reading around on the case it does not seem THAT odd. Well this Lover may not have adobted or biological ties that could be due to legal reasons.

The Judge decided that former Lover had acted in enough of a capacity as Parent to warrent visitation NOT custody to the Former Lover.

Yet one more judge inventing law and using a little six year old girl as a pawn to promote a personal agenda.

That is NOT enforcing the law. That is an abuse of power.

So a question…if the mother refuses her former partner visitation and is sent to jail, can the former partner take care of the child while she in in jail since she has visitation rights according to the law…“in the right”.

I would think those advocating the mother “do what’s right” would want to keep the child away from her “other mom”…it seems to me the mother should think it through a bit more.

It’s only invinting law and abusing power when the Judge makes a ruling Christians and the Right dislike.

The article said the Former Lover would get full custody if the Mother kept this mess up.

Another article

It seems Janet may have legal standing as a lot of this seems to hae happened. Also if Lisa is lieing she may well lose everything, same goes for Janet.

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