Mother went on run across Europe after social workers tried to snatch her son

[quote=Daily Mail]Angela Wileman never thought this day would come. She wraps her arms around her seven-year-old son Lucas, as if she cannot let go. ‘I have fought to keep him and I have won. At last we can stop running away,’ she says with relief in her voice.

Sitting in the garden of her home, with toys strewn on the lawn, this English mother is still stunned that earlier this week she eventually triumphed against social workers planning to seize her son and hand him to new adoptive parents.

For two years she has played a cat-and-mouse game as the British authorities spent thousands of pounds chasing her around Europe, decrying her as a bad mother and threatening to put her in prison. An MP is now demanding an investigation into the waste of taxpayers’ money by Devon social services.

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God Bless.


More reasons to pray for families. The children are always the innocent victims whenever there is any discourse in a relationship. Holy Family pray for us.

All i can say is: wow.

Maybe there is a perfectly valid reason child protective services is trying to take the child away from her. Child abuse happens and not all child abusers are men who molest kids. The fact that she’s running away from them only makes her look like she has something to hide. If she has nothing to hide, why is she running?

Sounds like the real child abuser in this story was the social workers that ripped him from his mother and plotted his adoption with a new family.

Those people are out of control. :mad:

*]Because the deck is always stacked in the governments favor;
*]b/c the government has more money and lawyers than the average person has to fight a case;
*]b/c a good lawyer to get you out of a real mess you or someone else has caused will cost you more an hour than an average car payment does a month!
*]b/c lawyers, even yours, bargain behind closed doors (let my client A off with a slap on the wrist, they’re a friend of mine, and i won’t push the issue with client b) to make their work easier.
*]B/c some beauracrat has a record to uphold or name to make for themselves;
*]b/c those same beauracrats have the prosecutor and family court judges ear from working with them on a weeekly basis where as the average person doesn’t.
You can only follow the law for so long before you have to break it to get actual justce; those cases are rare, but this article shows us it is does happen.

Very scary! The USA looks so much to the UK for how to run our country, when will this be seen here? This is what happens when we let the PC police run amok in the government.

That’s just outrageous I’d say… Why in the world would they take a child away from his mother because the father who does not live with them is violent?
They did more harm to the child than anything his mother could have possibly produced (even if she had stayed with the child’s father!). That is just insane.
Why would they do such a thing?
These authorities in charge should concentrate on the real cases and not on innocent families who really do not pose a threat to their children at all…
Searching for them with INTERPOL? She is not a common criminal!
I’m glad to hear that this is all over now and I am appalled at the fact that this took place the way it did.

If they’re so out of control, why does child abuse still happen? It’s not like CPS is some draconian establishment that capriciously takes kids away. If anything, there’s too many child abuse cases for them to handle and they’re severely understaffed.

Yes they are, but they should concentrate on the real cases…
Just about as idiotic as some German authorities who took children out of their parents house who were brilliant students, home schooled (with the oldest already out of school and in university) and very happy for homeschooling while ignoring the neighbors’ complaints about a case of physical child abuse and neglect until it was too late.

Matrix Refugee-
How DARE you even think about accusing me of child abuse! did you not read the article? does it not say that i have shown my paperwork to the newspaper and anyone is free to have copies of it even you!
I think you are very ignorant of social services and if for one minute you are not against forced adoption theni should rethink your faith!
I was running because they had kidnapped my son and were refusing to give him back to adopt him out! which i might add the UK are also fostering and adopting children out to gay couples who then go onto abuse those poor children who were probably taken from perfectly good mothers like me! would you have seriously stayed whilst knowing your child was suffereing from depression and having his soul sucked out of him by being away from his family and friends and go onto being adopted SEPERATELY from his unborn brother knowing he would not cope and also knowing he could end up in the hands of ACTUAL ABUSERS? I protected my son always and his father never ever touched him!–social-workers-feared-branded-homophobic.html

This wasnt a child abuse case! this was a case of mother and child along with the rest of my family being abused by the state,if social services were so concerned about my ex partner then why did they not protect me and ask the court to make a barring order instead of taking my child into care which is what i begged them for !
Oh people like you make me so angry,god forgive you!
From the start of my jorney being a fugitive i always carried a prayer i wrote myself with me, that prayer and protection i asked for came true aswell as the outcome being that justice prevails.
and yes these social workers are always going on about how they have too many cases, well if they dropped these stupid cases of emotional harm and just assisted parents (which is what they are paid to do) then they could concentrate on the real cases of abuse and save some children from being murdered!

and what basis could you possibly have for that statement,?

You are absolutely right. I cannot imagine to any extend the trauma for a child who is facing this kind of government action nor the trauma of a mother who has to flee her native country because of said interventions. I couldn’t possibly understand what you went through.
I do know however that this case and other cases like it take the attention of those who are in their position to protect children away from those cases in which intervention is truly needed. The agencies are surely understaffed and especially because of that they need to make sure that they direct their focus to the real cases of child abuse and not try to investigate into a case that is surely none of these (making all sorts of mistakes and producing an extreme injustice through their behaviour).

Its very easy to blame the social services in this situation, but believe it or not they dont make a habit of taking kids from there parent unless they absolutely have to, and even then its only untill the situation with the childs family has improved,

Governments are dangerous.

Whether or not they actually do this habitually is not relevant as it did happen in this case. The fact that there is an ongoing investigation into these social service procedures does however lead to the assumption that this is not the rule, but the exception.
This case clearly shows that there was no intention given at any point in time to surrender the child back into the care of the mother. Until the proceedings were finally over the child’s welfare had been threatened by the plans to take him away from the mother and to prepare him for adoption. This does not constitute any intent to release the child back into his mother’s care. On the contrary: This show the clear intent to finalize a permanent separation of mother and child via the means of adoption through people foreign to the child.
This situation is simply unacceptable keeping in mind that there are terrible cases of abuse that stay undetected until or even until some time after the death of the child. The reasons given for the abduction of the child in this case here by the government were completely irrelevant as the possible harm to the child’s emotional welfare was already taken care of by the separation of his parents.
There would have been several instances in which the social service could have dropped the case without further ado. They neglected to do so however. The child’s father who was the perceived thread to the child’s emotional well being was not a threat in any way after the separation, especially after mother and child had left the country towards Spain, then Sweden and finally Ireland. To pursue this case through these different foreign countries was not only most expensive, but also completely redundant as the perceived threat to the child’s emotional health was not present any more.

The social work department is highly regulated department, every single decision my partner makes regarding her job, whether it is to arrange another appointment, to arrange for a psychic evaluation or move the importance of the case up, has to go through about 3 different channels 4 copies of every single record made are kept for different departments. obviously judging by the facts of the case that the social work department had thought it necessary to pursue, what if the shoe was on a completely different foot.

What if a child was being physically abused, or risk of being physically abused and then they left the country should they just stop looking, think oh this will cost us money here is a great opportunity to cut our losses ?

That is still beside the point. This case should not have come as far as it has…
There was no risk of physical abuse, not even in the social service report… “Events took an extraordinary turn when she was accused of emotionally harming Lucas by allowing him to witness her husband’s violent behaviour towards her.”
“Lucas himself said to social workers that he had never seen his mother hurt by his father.”
The thing was that this was all before Lukas was even 2 years old… When his father got a probation in 2004 he left the family and thereby the perceived threat was gone. “In 2004 … He moved out of the family home.”
Still the monitoring and the investigation continued and culminated in the adoption procedures.

It is out of the question that there are cases in which there is domestic violence that threatens the welfare of a child, but this is none of those. Every case is different and this one is very much different from true abuse cases… Every case is different and that is why there is an investigation into possible cases. This one here should have been dropped when the father left the family.

Janet you are totally right, Scottishguy in this case you are totally wrong probably because you are defending your wife’s position as a social worker. I can understand that you do not want to believe this sort of thing goes on but i have 10 more cases in my hands of women who have come to me via the media who are in similar situations where children have been taken from them for ‘at risk’ of emotional harm through domestic violence DIRECTED at the mother. More than half of these women are nolonger with their partner yet their children have not been returned? 5 of these women have lost their children to adoption.
Is it not the states ‘job’ to protect child and mother? instead of taking children away causing them more damage emotionally and abusing the mother all over again for reporting DV.
What is happening now is that women are too scared to report DV because they are more frightened of losing their children than the violence itself, what good is that?
People such as MATRIX and SCOTTISH GUY will always think their is more to a case than is being reported by a newspaper simply because they cannot come to terms with a corrupt government making money from children and social services departments get rebates and bonus’s for children they adopt out.Everybody else in child protection is also making the money out the childen to,foster carers on £400 a week (ontop of claiming benefits) lord knows how much the lawyers make i think we all know it alot, the private adoption agencies and finally the adoptors who are so desperate for children they believe that they are truly saving children from parents who abused them!

There is alot more to my case, being the abuse my son suffered whilst in foster care which is something i cannot talk about at the moment to protect my own case against the government.I know now why and how the abusers of such homes as the Jersey childrens homes got away with abusing children for so long,because covering up abuse with a group of government and department officials including the police and alienating parents whos children are in the care system it is impossible for children and parents to stop what is going on and get justice.These people who have care and power of children are covering eachothers backs concerning their mistakes for fear of losing their jobs,media and government insurance reasons, possibly also imprisonment.

I wonder when i win damages in the courts of european rights will such critics then believe i have been wronged.When this happens i intend to force the government to change child protection procedures concerning the separation of mothers and children otherwise they could well see themselves paying out alot more money to individual mothers and children than the money they are making, and they wouldnt want that!:rolleyes:

p.s i would be interested in what scottishguy thinks to this particular case,maybe his wife is involved in this? if so i would hang my head in shame

I find this whole thing unbelievable and appalling. Especially that it’s happening in a country that is supposed to be civilized! It’s punishing women for being beaten up by their boyfriend/husband! It’s absurd!

I just want you to know that you and your son will be in my prayers and I hope you both can get your life back on track and live in peace.


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