Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary

I had an interesting perspective today on Mass… I try to attend Mass w/ my daughter at school on Thursday mornings and then also attend a TLM that afternoon. Today (Oct 11) is the Feast of the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary and was celebrated at the TLM. No mention at all in the NO Mass this morning. In fact, aside from Major Feast Days, I don’t think that the NO Masses ever mention the saints for whom the day is a feast or memorial or whatever. I realize the calendar changed (why?) but why doesn’t the NO celebrate these days? Are the saints taboo now? Also, at the TLMs, the priest always talks about the saints and the Blessed Virgin in the sermons and how they are great examples for us. Narry a word in the NO sermons. The sermons seems to always be tied into the readings (which is great) but there are never saints or anything “Catholic”, if you will. These priests who come up w/ entertaining sermons are doing their parishioners a huge disservice. Is this part of the “restoration” that V2 was talking about?


That has not been my experience at daily NO Masses. The priests usually do mention which saint’s day it is and give an example from the saint’s life in their homilies. I’m sorry you haven’t known this in your experience. Of course, since the saint for today according to the new calendar is not a “major” saint, it isn’t surprising that he wouldn’t be mentioned unless the parish has a particular devotion to him or is named for him. :shrug:

I am glad to hear that. I think that I will mention that to the rector of our parish (actually meeting with him tomorrow about something unrelated!) Obviously, since it is not on the new calendar, it would not be mentioned today (that is a whole other thread … why is the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary NOT on the new calendar?) … I guess my main point was not so much today, but in general. As I said, I am glad to hear that they are celebrated in your parish. I would be interested to see how some of the others on this forum respond … are feast days celebrated in their parishes or not?

Thanks for the reply.

The Motherhood of the BVM was extended to the Universal Calendar by Benedict XV in 1931 following what was thought to be the closing date of the Council of Ephesus (it was faulty). Not that it was an ex novo feast - before that it was on various local calendars for the Second Sunday in October until St. Pius X when it was moved to October 11 and also dropped from several of the local calendars. But I digress.

The NO Calendar reinstated the ancient, and only Marian feast of Roman origin (all the others being importations from the East or the fruit of local devotions) on January 1- the Mother of God. (As a side note, even in the Traditional liturgy in the Mass and Divine Office at Lauds and Vespers, this Marian dimension has remained) For this reason, October 11 is not observed in the NO calendar as the Motherhood.

BTW, today marks the inaugural of Vatican II

Thanks for the info! I love this forum! :thumbsup:

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