Mother's anger turns to delight

Survivor: Jodie Percival and baby Finley who survived an abortion


Interesting. I’m surprised the mother did not want to sue for wrongful birth. Or is that not a cause of action in the United Kingdom like it is in some states in the US.

What a great story!! He is so cute.

Looks like this baby is set to be the next Gianna Jessen.

He is adorable.

I found this quote from the mom disturbing, though, and so indicative of the current beliefs about life:

‘Deciding to terminate at eight weeks was just utterly horrible but I couldn’t cope with the anguish of losing another baby,’ said Miss Percival, 25.

She couldn’t cope with the anguish of losing a baby…so an abortion (which, obviously, does not kill a baby :rolleyes: ) is the way to go! Sigh. I am so happy that the baby survived and apparently doesn’t have major health issues! What a blessing.

Praise God, that sweet baby survived his mother’s attempt to kill him.

That’s the kind of ignorance the pro-abortion lobby and abortionists facilitate. It’s not good for business if women don’t have abortions.

"He had minor kidney damage but is expected to lead a normal life. "

Reminds me of how I was offered the option of abortion with DS#2 due to “abnormalities” found in ultrasound when I refused the amnio. My son was born healthy. So sad.

There have been cases where women have been lied to by doctors about abnormalities so they will abort their healthy babies. The medical field has become a business.:mad:

What is it these days, an obortion is regarded as ‘okay’, but if you chop a tree down, then you’re regarded as a pariah?

I remember my mum telling me that when she was in labour with me, the doc (or quack to be more precise) asked her if she wanted to have an abortion; she told him where to stick the deal…

She was later transferred to a military hospital where she gave birth to me…almost without a hitch and that was 25 years ago!


That’s disgusting! What kind of sicko was that???

25 years ago? We’re about the same age then. I was born in 1982.

Small world!

Figuratvely speaking, when the (civilian) doctor ‘attempted’ to assist me my mum in delivering me, his Y-fronts became 2 kilos heavier, hence the reason why she changed hospitals.

I was born in 1983! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I’m happy you’re alive. That idiot doctor probably ended the lives of many babies through coersion.

My room mate is from Austraila. (But I eat more vegemite than he does!:stuck_out_tongue: )

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