Mother's Day and Mary

Tomorrow is mother’s day, and I’m wondering if any (non Catholic) women here use Mary as a role model in their own lives.

Do you model yourself after Mary in any way? Or specifically as a mother?

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I think that it would be wise to, being that Mary was undoubtedly the greatest woman who ever lived. She should be a model for all Christians. Her obedience to God was unwavering. She is foremost of all the saints I am sure.

No I’ve never thought about Mary as a role model.

I have thought about her as Jesus’ mother. For all the inside info to mary from the angel, Mary had no idea what Jesus meant when he was left behind…Mary got onto him like most mothers would…where were you we were worried…and he calmly replied that he was about his Father’s business…she didn’t seem to understand what he meant.

I was Mary in a Christmas play back in 1958, I was 6 yo …way back then when we were allowed Christmas plays and allowed to mention Jesus or Christ. I was very serious about playing Mary, wanted to act just right.

Do you use anyone, dead or alive, as a role model?

I think that many Catholics use one saint or another as a role model for certain aspects of their life, as someone might use Derek Jeter as an example of how professional athletes should behave in and outside the game.

For Non-Catholics and Catholics alike, what do you think of that practice? Is using saints as role models a legitimate Christian practice?

In that case, it does sound like you have thought about Mary as a model. You are right, she “acted just right”, as should we all. If you were given custody of the second person of the Trinity, and you misplaced Him, don’t you think you might be vexed? Should we not always keep track of the Divine Son, not making assumptions about where He is, and what He is doing? Should we not always follow His lead? Should we not always look for HIm about His fathers business?

Mary has many other areas of modelling also. I encourage you to read the scriptures about her, and inquire of God how she can be a model for you.

I have read the scriptures about mary many times…she is the mother of Christ and I respect her for that.

I look forward to meeting the saints on the other side when I have absented my own body.

I find no scriptures that instruct us to communicate with the dead. That goes for prayers to Mary and any of the dead saints, which I believe are false teachings and false doctrines.

Yes God is the God of the living ( Abraham etc. ) and the spirits live on the other side but that is the spirit world and is separate from ours. God intended it to be that way and why instructions in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. By communicating with the dead, one opens themselves up to deceiving demons.

Jesus ascended into Heaven and he sent us a Teacher and a Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

More than legitimate, it should be encouraged. God has put before us His saints as shing examples of the godly life, and the Blessed Virgin as perhaps the greatest example of obedience to him and how to be joyful and dedicated servants for Him in this world.
One doesn’t need to practice intercessory prayer to the members of the Church Triumphant to recognize the wonderful example they set for us while here.


This is probably outside the scope of this thread, but you can’t have it both ways. Either they are dead, or they are alive in Christ. If they are saints, and they are still “dead”, then what He said was not true (He who believes in Me will live forever).

Do you think that God is not able to protect one who is in prayer?

If God did not want us to communicate with those who have gone on before us, why do you think He made sure the disciples witnessed Him chatting with Moses and Elijah? He could have done this privately, but did not.

Why do you think Samuel was permitted to appear to Saul?

I have always personally believed that the Transfiguration is the one event in Biblical history that neutralizes the notion of being dead in the grave until Christ’s second coming or that we shouldn’t invoke the prayers of the Saints.

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