Mothers Day Gift Ideas


Since Mothers day is fast approaching, I thought we might share some ideas for great gifts for Mom’s.

How about a subscription to a good Catholic Womans Magazine?

My pick: Canticle


I usually buy my mom something she can plant, but this year I went with a gift certificate for a massage. I’m getting brunch out.


I am sure she will enjoy that. No planting and watering necessary. :thumbsup: Just a nice relaxing get away. I loved the pedicure and foot massage certificates my kids gave me last year.


Wow - a nice pedicure is fabulous.

For Mother’s day, I am getting a few days away for myself. Now that may sound unmotherly -like, but this single mom needs some alone time for a refresher.

ahhhhh just to relax for a few days.


You can come to my house…:smiley: It’s quiet most of the time.


Except that you will make me paint. I know what you have up your sleeve. :smiley:


I Promise…no painting…just planting my flower beds.:stuck_out_tongue:


I will get my mom so beauty stuff. She really liked this hair shiner that I got for myself (its a little expensive so she didn’t get it for herself). She loves hair masks and face lotions. I will make her a little basket full of the stuff.

I got my mother-in-law a cashmere sweater that was on sale after Christmas. It is so pretty (cream colored with gold thread going through it). It was like $100 and I got it for $20. Got to love sales. I just hope it will fit:p


My daughter wanted to take me out for brunch after Mass. I told her I would rather have her come and help me plant my flowers because there are lots of them and my back is not great. So she is not only planting, she is bringing the plants. Great daughter.


Very Great Daughter. :thumbsup: Can I borrow her? :smiley:


I’ll probably give mine a gift certificate to a restaurant. What do you give the woman who wants nothing??? She is a great mother…


Lots of Hugs! :wink:

  1. Keepsakes and mementos - old pictures of events, kids and siblings in new frames.
  2. A trip to a day spa - because they would never buy anything like that for themselves.
  3. Something that honors their sacrifice of love to the family - a big get together where they do nothing and are waited on hand and foot and grandkids make hand made pictures with crayons and markers.
  4. Bring a corsage for all the moms and grandmoms.
  5. If not nearby definitely call, visit, or send flowers/gifts.
  6. Don’t forget about those who are “mom-like” in your life and may be shut-ins or in a senior center. Visit them too. It’ll make their day - but warm your heart too.

They are so special and quite a treasure of love and understanding.


Yes I’d like that:)

I sent my mother roses and a card.

I’d just like some of my son’s time. Watch a program or a nice conversation maybe lunch. They’re so busy these days


Thanks to my Junkie friends! Last year they helped me with the “Mothers Ring” idea for my wife! The kids were really excited to give it to her!

Explore David Jarzynka


It’s going to be hard to top that David. :smiley:


I know!!! I can’t wait for the kids to get jobs so they’ll have to come up with their own ideas :wink:


My mother has chosen a siamese cat from a rescue group and I am paying the adoption fee and picking up the cat for her Saturday evening.


You can always try the above…:smiley: :wink:



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