Mother's Day plans?


My husband will be out of town for Mother’s Day! Lucky for him, he will come home by way of Seattle and visit our son (who’s in the Navy).

For Mother’s Day, I plan to subscribe to the National Catholic Register and maybe buy some summer clothes.

What are the rest of the moms doing? —KCT


Hopefully a whole lot of nothing!

Although, I am dropping some pretty heavy hints about how much I loved being dropped of at a day spa for an entire day year before last!


Unfortunately my husband (who has been relocated to Denver), will not be able to come home. I live in STL with the 3 children and pregnant with baby #4 so I will be pretty much taking care of kids instead of taking the day “off”. Hopefully next time he gets to come home he will give me a day off to do nothing but relax!!! :wink: (I can always wish can’t I??) Happy Mother’s Day to all you MOMS out there!!!


My plans originally included calling all the women in my family and wishing them a Happy Mothers day and then sharing the news of my pregnancy, but last week I miscarried and now I am dreading Mothers Day. I am hoping we don’t have to spend any time with my MIL who has not been nice to me this past year and would just remind me that I was going to put it all behind us and share our joy with her…

I have no idea what is planned except step daughters birthday celebration, my birthday and mothers day all rolled into one, and I am not in the mood!


We’re making a weekend of it - visiting family, an arena football night game…and after the requisite MFO (Mandatory Family Outing) with the whole group for brunch on Sunday, my wonderful son (age 11) and I are heading out for some quality mom-son time, taking a flying lesson together! (DH gets his shot with the budding pilot next month, LOL) :thumbsup:


finish up witnessing last of first communions.
take a walk in the bird sanctuary and butterfly garden
lean cuisine
and have a blow-out with the Barnes & Noble gift cards my kids will send me
talk to grandkids on the phone
do dishes
eat chocolate
go to bed.


For all the moms and moms-to-be,

May God bless you on your special day.


my DH was deployed last year so I’m THOROUGHLY going to take advantage of Mother’s Day.

I’m going to wake up, go to Mass, come home and finish my sewing projects ALONE, really take some joy in watching DH handle all the kids and just be so thankful and happy that he’s here with us this year. I just may go and get a facial at the day spa or get a pedicure/manicure ALONE.

Otherwise, I have no idea what DH may have planned. He’s always really good with surprises. :smiley:


Will be a temp mother to Lord knows HOW many kids - I’ll be a chaperone at State CYM convention :thumbsup:


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